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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Great bounceback win...

A wonderful bounce back win for the Birds last night coming from 3-0 down to force overtime before Travis Toomey potted the big GWG with under a minute left.

This type of win proves to me that this team has some character. Having been blown up the night before and falling behind 3-0 on the road to the same team would have given most teams plenty of reason to fold up the tent for the night.

A lot of frustrated comments in the previous game thread and that is totally understandable and to be expected. I share in the frustration of the fans even if I don't always agree with each opinion 100%.

Things aren't perfect, they aren't really even very good... but no matter how poorly the team has played lately the victory last night was an impressive bounce back win. Now the trick is to see if Seattle can actually use Tuesday as the low point of the season and try to build some momentum.

For those of you wanting to see Baecker and/or Frank... well I imagine you'll get to see at least one of them Saturday with Sutter away at the Swiss WJC camp.


Unknown said...

Looking forward to seeing either of those d-men. If they're no better than Sutter, they can only get better by playing - and with Baecker's size, that would be beneficial to us for sure.

Anonymous said...

Great win last night, that shows that the team has some character and pride so a tip of the hat to them. I am surprised to see over 2,700 tickets left for a Saturday night game versus Portland, hopefully they will get allot of sales between now and then.

Anonymous said...

You have seen how we play at home, what is so suprising about it.

Anonymous said...

This has to be the hardest T-bird team to figure out. They are capable of playing with anyone. Yet capable of getting completely destroyed. I'm figuring this is mainly due to still being a very young team. We can all give our "expert" opinions but I don't think anyone really knows what team we are going to get on any given night. Here's hoping for a second half with more ups than downs.

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