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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Mercer Arena

For those of you who don't go back to the days when Seattle played at Mercer Arena. I stumbled across this cool photo. This is a picture from when the Seattle Eskimos played in the PCHL. Full credit to the Seattle Times.


stoykoj said...

When was that picture taken?

Thunnex said...

said around 1929

Unknown said...

Look at all those flags! I can see about 3 inches of the bottom of the American Flag at ShoWare from my seats. Would it hurt to put up another one, and maybe a flag for the country of each player?

Anonymous said...

I wish the city of Seattle would have refurbished the center arena and kept it for hockey as well as other events.

Jim said...

Ah, those "square" corners. I did like to go to games there.

Anonymous said...

The Mercer Arena was the greatest venue for hockey, ever. 4,000 seats and every one was right on top of the action. You could hear all the action on the ice and the fans giving it to the opposition and refs through the chain link fence, yes, a fence. And LOUD, I remember leaving every game with my ears ringing. Without a doubt the most intimidating rink in the WHL. It was a huge letdown moving to the big empty arena. Good memories!

-Dave in Poulsbo

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