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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Anonymous said...

At 1:55 is that older dancing guy?

Jon said...

ahhh memories. I was at that game.

Anonymous said...

wow that brings me back. I wouldn't condone anything like that happening again, but it would be nice to see hockey with that kind of emotion again. The CHL has done an excellent job at taking emotion out of the game.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, that's crazy! I think that ShoWare is a little to quiet, but I certainly wouldn't want that. Yikes!

Jon, you were at that game? Were you close to the fight?

Unknown said...

So what happened? Was the game called and the American's sent home, or did it calm down? I'm sure suspensions were handed out.

Jon said...

We were on the opposite side of the arena if I remember correctly. If I remember right it started with a fan dumping a beverage on the Tri coach. Game continued. That's Kolzig swinging the goalie stick and Barnes was on that team too.

Here's a link to the PI article that ran the day after.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...thanks for posting this, Tyler and thanks Jon for the link to the article.

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