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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Travis Toomey Suspended

I don't have details yet but I can see that this is listed under the WHL Discipline page.

- 1/31/11 Travis Toomey Seattle Tbd under supplemental discipline versus Everett on January 30

Everett must have sent something in and the league agreed. I honestly don't remember anything but I do noticed that Toomey got a charging call at the 20:00 mark of the game and I had already walked out at that point. Expect him to be out for the game tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

He drilled an Everett player right as time expired, looked like he got him high and slammed the Silvertip's head into the glass. Everett player got up and seemed fine enough to celebrate with his teammates.

Man it's going to look like the T-birds are really short handed tomorrow night. When I watch the games it seems like the T-birds are playing about 2.5 lines.

I liked what I saw of the 15 year old defensemen Saturday and Sunday. Seemed fairly solid for being so young.

Hopefully the T-birds can finally get some pucks to bounce into the net, they looked like they had a lot of good scoring opportunities this weekend in the home games, but just couldn't quick get to rebounds quick enough.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Toomey took about 6 strides and jumped into the Everett player when the time expired... We certainly need the young players too step up and take advantage of the increased ice time... It's obvious the older players don't want to take control. Hopefully we can find something that will click and at least give us something we can finally be positive about this team.

Anonymous said...

The young players have had ample opportunity to "step up" & haven't come close to doing it. The older guys are the only ones contributing on the score sheet where it counts. I'm not saying they are not trying, it's I don't think they are good enough. This team overall doesnt have enough talented player to "take control" of anything. Al we can ask for is a good effort & see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know the time table on Bobbee and Button's injuries. Or even Troock, almost seems like it's wasting a roster space to keep the kid a scratch all season long. It would be nice to actually see these kids actually be a little competitive and maybe get some confidence in themselves, right now seems like going through the motions, got to be tough on them. Regardless of how we feel about the coaching or managment and I have been vocal about both, we all have the same goal to see winning entertaining hockey again. Here is to hoping we find something that works soon, a goaltender as talented as Pickard should never have 9 straight losses.

Kodi said...

Bobbee, Button, and Sanvido are listed as day to day on the weekly update where Troock is listed as week to week.

I would assume that we will see Bobbee, Button, and Sanvido in the next week.

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