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Hockey Challenge 2014

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WHL Plays of the Week

I don't usually post these videos (though they are very cool) but I wanted to point this video out for two specific reasons.  One, Pickard is featured at around the 2:30 mark.

The other one deals directly with the officiating from the game last Friday against Tri.  I heard more than a few fans complain about the officials not reviewing the "high stick" goal that was scored.

Well... the first clip from plays of the week is a pretty clear shot that the goal was good.  I give officials a hard time when I feel like they deserve it, so I feel like I should give them credit when they get it right and on this call they absolutely got it right.

Link here.


Anonymous said...

Sure it was a good goal, but they could have at least reviewed it if there was ANY question.

They reviewed the empty net goal (seriously); why not review this one?

Thunnex said...

Because it wasn't even close and I was about 200 feet further away from the Referee who was directly on top of the play.

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