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Why Seattle should trade for Inglis

Over the weekend the Prince George Cougars announced that they were sending Charles Inglis home to await a trade because he broke team and league rules.

The easy thing to say is that Seattle should trade for him because... well... he's a good player. It isn't quite that simple though. Inglis has now worn out his welcome in two different places, Saskatoon and Prince George. A trade for Inglis would come with some risk.  He may not like it in Seattle, he may not like Seattle's team rules anymore than he liked PG's and if it winds up not working out here his trade value would be nearly nothing after  not working out with now 3 teams.

Here is why it actually might make a lot of sense.
  • The Tbirds are short on truly dynamic forwards. Gallimore is a great shooter, Noebels is struggling, Lockhart is struggling and while Jacobs is ready to return we don't really have any idea who long it will take him to get up to full speed.
  • It probably won't cost you very much.  I'm certain that a few teams will be interested in Inglis, but how much can the Cougars expect to get from a player who would be expected to sit at home the rest of the season.  I can think of a handful of players and draft picks I wouldn't lose sleep over taking a gamble on Inglis.
  • Inglis is from Winnipeg, Pickard is from Winnipeg and both are 19 years old. I have no idea whether they are friends or not and I admit that this is a reach but my hope would be that Pickard would have a positive influence on Inglis and perhaps he would buy into the system. For whatever it's worth, PG has no players on their roster from Winnipeg.
  • If the trade doesn't cost you very much and things don't work out... you could send him home and chalk it up to a gamble that was probably worth it.
  • Inglis also hasn't been drafted or signed and IF things were to work out you might wind up with a very good 20 year old next season.
I don't really expect this to happen but I think there is some solid upside at a very low cost available here and that is exactly the type deal they could make to get better without selling the farm.

I've been too busy to write game recaps... I apologize. Friday was ok, Saturday was brutal. I'll get around to it when I can.  Anyone want to apply for a writing position?? haha.


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, Gallimore played in Saskatoon with Inglis so I'm sure he could give management a fair idea of what they would get from Inglis. Giving up on one of our 19 year olds would not be a bad idea, maybe Elliot back home. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea for this year, Inglis could contribute. But wouldn't we have quite a log jam of 20 year olds next year?

Maybe that's not a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

We do need to offload a few 19's...who will be valuable in a trade? Rouse, Lund, Elliot?

Anonymous said...

We have 9 19 year olds as of today but realistically Pickard, Sutter & Noebels will all be gone next year so that leaves 6 to chose 3. Of those Lockhart & Rouse would be for sure's & then one of whats left. If you were able to get Inglis he would number 3 unless he get a pro contract, which isn't likely right now. My guess is even a draft pick might get him but likely take someone of the roster today. PG only have 12 forwards now.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like Inglis would fit right in on this team, doesn't seem to be any rules to break. And IMO it shows on the ice.

Thunnex said...

That's a pretty general statement with no real evidence of support. I'd be truly curious to know why you think there are no rules on this team and how that shows on the ice.

Not bashing you... I'm genuinely curious.

Anonymous said...

my opinion is you should bash him or her. People have no right making that kind of statement and then signing anonymous!!! These kids work their asses off to get either a pro contract or an education. Away from family & friends 7 months a year. Walk a mile in their shoes & see how you do!!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe the "rule" at the start of the season was to treat the players like adults. Let them be in charge of their behavior and give them a chance to show coach they can be responsible. With some of the stuff I heard (and I will never post info on a forum about any player) I'd say for some it didn't work. Coach was not happy with the Portland game and let the boys know it. Lets hope point made.
In no way was my original post a slam against the players. They are kids, they will push every envelope. IMO coach gave them a little too much rope.

Anonymous said...

I think it is an interesting idea and Elliot could be a possibility but frankly for Inglis' track record I think that could be a high price, could likely get him for less. As for him playing with Gallimore in Sask, I would caution that. Gallimore was traded here because of his issues with the team; that could be a bad combo. But all in all probably worth a call or two for Russ.

Anonymous said...

i don't see how it could be a bad combo. Maybe Saskatoon wanted Acolatse & Seattle asked for Gallimore, we'll never know. Did Seattle have trouble with Acolatse that he needed to be traded? Someone has to go in every trade.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question about Acolatse. Yes, they did have issues with him that precipitated the trade. But I understand it went both ways and that he wanted a trade.

PP Goal said...

I say if they do there homework on Inglis and it checks out to there liking then trade Elliot for him, Elliot is doing nothing with us now, in the past, and I don't see him getting any better in the future with Seattle anyways, trade him to his hometown.

Anonymous said...

Elliot is from Prince George, BC.

Dean said...

I agree with Tyler. There isn't much to lose and Inglis might provide the spark this team needs. Nothing really has worked yet to make this team consistent so go for it. Bringing in new blood, although tainted, could do that.

Jon said...

Instead the birds have brought back Green.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget that Rouse, Jacobs, Troock are out injured. Also we have a 20 year old who is suspended all the time. Not sure how they can find consistency with those boys out.

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