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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Connor Honey joins Tbirds

Connor Honey has joined the Tbirds.  Honey, 17, was in training camp with the Birds in August but left before the preseason started and did not sign a development deal with Seattle.

I was very impressed by Honey in training camp and I think he can help a little bit immediately.  Average size at 6'0" and 174 lbs his speed and hands were impressive and I think he will have the ability to create some plays right away. I think he steps into one of the top 3 lines, even with the return of Colin Jacobs on Friday and I think he has a chance to stay there even after Rouse and Troock return.

Honey had played 17 games with the Green Bay Gamblers of the USHL where he had 1 goal and 6 assists.

Official press release is located here.


Anonymous said...

Guiel leaving?

Anonymous said...

Player tweets seems to indicate something is going on with Guiel...

Anonymous said...

Interesting because the University of Denver had a verbal commit from him to join their program.
Looks like we stole one from the Pioneers who have a couple of recent T-bird list players on their roster (Zucker, Didier).

Anonymous said...

Not sure how that works. Connor Honey is only 17 years old, which would make him a High School student. Is it possible that he could still opt to join University of Denver's program after finishing at KM?

Thunnex said...

Once he signed a development deal he loses his NCAA eligibility because the NCAA is stupid and thinks that CHL players are "professional" and thus lose their amateur status.

It requires a much longer explanation, but the bottom line is... once he signs with Seattle, he can't play American College hockey anymore.

Jon said...

Interesting in that green bay is in first in the ushl. Looking forward to seeing him play as I agree he was one of the stronger rookies at camp.

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