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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Last Call Hockey Challenge

The Tbirds take on the Silvertips on Saturday in another very important game but it will also be the arrival of the Hockey Challenge 2013. My good buddy John Barr spends countless hours organizing our team and we have already collected over $25,000 as a team.

My team, Team IEB, plays at 1:55pm against a team from Vancouver called the Tiny Zamboni Hockey Club. The game will be pretty fast paced and skilled if anyone is interested in coming down to watch us. I'll be wearing #10 for the "Puke Green" team.

Also... I was asked to play in the Celebrity All-Star Team and will be wearing #33 for Team White in the game directly after the Tbirds game concludes. My team will include former Tbirds Brett Duncan, Blake Knox and Ryan Gibbons as well as former pro Doug Kirton and Celebrity Cameron Bancroft.

Team Blue will have Steve the Producer from KISW in net along with former Tbirds Jamie Huscroft, Danny Lorenz and Regan Mueller as well as Bill Wixey from Q13.

It isn't too late to sneak in some last minute donations in my name and in the name of Team IEB to make sure we raise the most money of any team!! Please see the link at the top and follow the instructions. Leave a comment for Team IEB and Tyler Hunnex.

I can't thank you guys enough for the support and the donations. This year has been extremely successful and I couldn't have done it without all the loyal fans that read this blog and follow the Tbirds.

Here is to a victory on Saturday for Team IEB, the Tbirds and Team White!!


Dee Klem said...

We get back from AZ at 6pm Saturday. We are hoping to get to Sho n time to see a TBird win and catch Team White take the Celebrity Game! Go Tyler!!!

Anonymous said...

That's an impressive amount that you've collected! Great work, Tyler!


Anonymous said...

Can we yell 'shoot' when you have the puck, no matter where you are on the ice?

Anonymous said...

Good luck scoring on Danny! It will be great to see him in the house.

Dean said...

congrats Tyler that is an outstanding amount..great cause! Ronald McDonald house needs the support! Thanks to you and your team for giving back. Worthy...worthy cause! Thanks again for taking this on this challenge again!

Anonymous said...

No jump in the 1st and 2nd periods versus the tips and then I watched todays game online versus the Giants, what a poor effort and performance today. Tough schedule this week versus Oil Kings, Rockets and Americans twice.

Unknown said...

6 out of the last 10 possible points is not good considering their schedule. They really need to find a way to get some offense, their defense and goaltending was pretty decent during the last 5 games. At least they salvaged one point on Saturday to stay ahead of Everett. Luckily Everett has a brutal schedule with just one game left against Vancouver and Seattle and those are both away games and I think Seattle is more talented, but they got to get out of the mindset of we can turn it on when we want. They need to come out and play like they did in the 3rd period Saturday from the start of the game.

They also need to stop taking the extra penalties. They get a roughing Saturday to set up a 2 min 5 on 3 and the Friday before that a crosscheck to wipe out what would have been a powerplay and Vancouver scores the tying goal while 4 on 4 instead of being on the PP. If you are going to engage in scrums you need to make sure the roughings even out (which with the quality of reffing in this league is hard to do).

Perhaps Tyler or some one else can tell me why we traded for Kambeitz and released Rouse. I was thinking maybe Rouse wanted to finish his WHL career playing at home, but after the in-between period interview with him Sunday it didn't sound that way. Am I missing something? I don't see anything on the ice that tells me Kambeitz was worth trading for and cutting Rouse. Kambeitz and Johnson in 20 games each with the T-birds have 7 goals and 5 assists total, Rouse in 20 games with Vancouver has 6 goals and 10 assists. We could really use the offensive production.

I hope Honey gets back soon, the team needs him to show them how to play the game.

Thunnex said...

I'm not sure I understand/stood it either. It seems to me as though Kambeitz is essentially a grittier version of Rouse with maybe a touch more leadership.

I don't know that it's a bad thing but I don't know that he's improved things much either.

My guess is that they felt like they just needed a shakeup as the January swoon was going down.

Unknown said...

Thanks Tyler.

It's frustrating to see the offense just disappear while the defense seems to be playing much better. They seem to be doing a good job of blocking shots and clearing pucks out from in front of their goal. On the bright side they seem to play to their opponent's level at home so we should see some really good hockey tomorrow night :)

Anonymous said...

It was telling that both of our goals against Everett came from the defensive guys.

I'd agree that we basically traded a player for a player with the Rouse/Kambeitz trade. Kambeitz is a bit more aggressive, but his numbers certainly aren't any better.

Anonymous said...

T-birds traded a bantam pick to get Kambeitz, then waived Rouse. Steep price for a player who isn't really contributing as much as I think it was thought he would. I wonder just how much Kambeitz's heart is in it. He was traded from a team with a spot guarenteed in the Memorial Cup to a team that will probably be swept in the first round of the playoffs. Gotta be tough to have that pullled out from under you.

Mr Tell13 said...

I doubt that Kambietz's state of mind is that much out of it. He was either going to a team with lower expectations or junior A when the Blades traded for Ferland; making him the odd man out.

Rouse's number in Van might be deceiving. He is the clear #1 center there, with the ice time and situational play that comes with it.

Anonymous said...

So is this a make a break week for the birds? I mean look at the schedule. I remember at this time last year Everett beating some teams that they should have lost to like the Portland win in Everett, that's what we have to do this year, gets some wins here late versus teams like we are playing this week or at least get points out of the games.

Anonymous said...

Correction above, meant to say like the Everett win versus Portland in Everett.

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