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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Just a quick note here. The most important thing going on right now, by far, is the Hockey Challenge is just a week away and there is still time to get your donations in. You guys know the drill, the link is above and remember to do me a favor and reference Team IEB, Tyler Hunnex.

Last night's game was an all too familiar sight. The difference was that last night was played against a team they really needed a win against. Vancouver is not a very good team (neither is Seattle) and yet Seattle just didn't play with urgency for most of the night. After jumping out to a 6-0 lead in shots, the Tbirds went flat for most of the game until Evan Wardley kind of got things going with a good fight and an even better/awful celebration. As we have seen many times before though... Seattle shot themselves in the foot as Danny Mumaugh misplayed a shot off the end wall and gave up the winner just 23 seconds into overtime. Mumaugh played well for the most part but he'll be kicking himself for the loss, especially the goal that tied it with a little over 8 minutes left in the game.

Sadly, we've seen this all season long. This team just isn't mentally tough and the margin of error is too razor thin to overcome mistakes.

They still have a chance to pick up points this weekend at Everett tonight and home to the Giants again tomorrow. At this point, I'm trying to come up with reasons why it all matters. Sure... they would like to make the playoffs but what would be the point in making the playoffs only to get hammered by Portland in the first round.  Everett made the playoffs as the 8 seed last year and got hammered in Round 1 while Seattle missed out and won the lottery and the rights to Mathew Barzal. I'm not so sure you aren't better off missing the playoffs at this point but I'm not sure Prince George is capable of really pushing Seattle out of the 8 spot.


Anonymous said...

As much as I love to watch "live" hockey games, after last night's poor performance, I will have to consider buying NHL Center Ice next season. This team has no "HEART". What difference does it make if they make the playoffs? They can't beat Vancouver at home, how are they going to beat Portland when they don't play their backup goalie. (both wins were against their backup). Besides, what are they going to have for players next season?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with above comment.When making a team you need to draft or pick character, this team has no character or heart, Coach K needs to do a better job as well< this team does not have a pulse. His interviews pregame and post game are getting old. Why is Seattle the only team not bringing up prospects during the year> Thats another issue I have??

Anonymous said...

Tyler, we've missed the playoffs for three straight years now, and we've gotten great prospects that refuse (so far) to sign.

I'd rather make the playoffs, get curb-stomped, and get nothing in the off-season than miss the playoffs and still get nothing.

Until this team signs Barzal or Gropp, missing the playoffs for the last three years hasn't gotten us much at all. I love your blog man, but your conclusion strikes me as flawed.

Unknown said...

Sounded like a pretty nice win tonight. Hopefully they keep the momentum rolling and win again tomorrow. They can still get 5 out of the 6 points this weekend and put themselves in 7th place.

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