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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Fan trip to Victoria

I have a group package set up for the games in Victoria.
Two years ago, I took around 50 people up.
It was over Halloween weekend, and oh man, what a blast we had.
Tyler and his lovely wife went, and he can confirm how much fun we had.
Some of us may not remember the parts of trip, while others may remember getting sick on the boat ride home.
This time, it is not over that weekend, but will still be a blast.
We walked together from the hotel to the games (about a mile), ate dinner together, etc.

Anyone is able to join in on this package (player parents included, we had 4 players parents last time).

Fell free to email me at whitingjon at hotmail dot com for more info.

P.S. if anyone that wants to go is willing to watch my children and two other children going, there is some money to be made.


Anonymous said...

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Richard H. Clutter said...

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