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Thoughts on the two trades

The Birds have made two player moves.

The first one has sent 20 year old defender Jesse Forsberg to the Moose Jaw Warriors. In exchange, they get a 3rd round pick in the 2015 Bantam Draft.

This solves the 20 year old situation by cutting down to the number of 20's to 3 (all forwards). This was probably the easiest way to solve the 20 year old issue and the too many defenders situation in one move. A 3rd rounder coming back is about on par with the other 20 trades as of late.

What is interesting is that Moose Jaw already had 3 20's, so maybe not a location people might have expected. Forsberg is a good defender on the back end, and a tough player at that. But Evan Wardley is starting to turn into that as a 19, so possibly the team didn't need another one. Off the ice, Forsberg was a class act, and I personally wish him the best of luck in the future.

The second move caught me by surprise.

The Birds have moved 18 year old Griffin Foulk to Lethbridge. Coming back is a 19 year old defender in Adam Henry. With the trading of Forsberg I certainly didn't expect another trade involving another defender. Foulk was advertised as a puck moving smooth skating defender when he was acquired from Everett. At times he showed this, but others times he looked like just a 2nd / 3rd line defender out there and he only had 3 assists in 46 games last season for the Seattle.

GM Farwell described Adam Henry as "adds some additional offense from the back end and supports our forward group and developing style of play.” Which is basically the same exact quote that Farwell used for Foulk when we got him. I don't know much about Henry, but he is still a defender that has played 4 years the league.

The funny thing I find about these two trades is almost all fans and the coaches / GM said those two were the best defenders during the playoffs last year and now neither are on the team.

How fast times change.


Unknown said...

Interesting moves, I guess we will see how Henry plays on Saturday. It looks like he is 10 lbs or so heavier than Foulk so maybe he will have some more strength for the battles in the corner. I think these moves not only help your defensemen situation this year, but I also think it will help it out for next year. I think you will probably only keep 1 20 yr old defenseman next year since you will probably need 2 20 yr old forwards with the absence of any 95 born forwards on your roster currently. So Bear/Wolf/Douglas will get to fill the 6th spot this year and there will be two spots for them and any younger defensemen next year.

Hopefully Wardly and Honey will be back in the lineup soon.

Anonymous said...

I saw on the prior post that someone posted a injury update and that Trook was week to week? Say it ain't so someone!!

Anonymous said...

Fraid so. On the WHL weekly report

Anonymous said...

Rumor is Trook will be back this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yea, and I got an email that said I won the lottery.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see Forsberg go and I don't have the game knowledge as other but he was one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

How about those BIRDS!!!!
I'd like to see them make it easier on themselves and stay out of the box, but I love seeing the never give up attitude on this team!

Anonymous said...

Great game last night. Myles, Benoit and Troock get my three stars. This team looks like it might be for real and that is almost something I can't comprehend at this point, since the last decent team I remember was led by Greg Scott and Thomas Hickey.
On a different note, Elliot needs to find a way to pound Goulbourne. That kid is only 5'11" but holy crap he must be strong! He threw Elliot to the ice and I couldn't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we are still giving up too many shots and we are taking too many penalties. This record is not sustainable if we can't tighten a few things up out there.

Anonymous said...

Looked pretty good tonight. I don't know that I've ever been to a T-Bird game where they looked like they were in full control from the very beginning like they did tonight. It's always been a struggle, even against the weaker teams. Tonight was a peasant change for the better. They were bigger and faster than Trip-City, they got them down and never let them up. The Americans had no chance.

Anonymous said...

Great game tonight, great north & south play by the team. Hopefully more fans come out and see this team. Only 3500 last night for a Saturday night game.

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