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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Local look at the upcoming Bantam draft

I will almost never do this, but I wanted to post a link off to the Everett Herald and Everett Silvertip reporter Nick Patterson's blog.

It starts by talking about what Everett has in picks, but it is the second part I would love for people to read.
There are a few local kids that could get picked in the draft this week.

One of them in Brendan Studioso.  I have known his father (and played hockey) with him since 1995ish.
I know a few readers of this blog know Chris and Brendan very well, as he used to be a TBird season ticket holder (until Brendan's hockey made it so he didn't have time), and frequent road tripper with me.  Brendan has always worked his butt off to be the best hockey player he can be (doesnt get that from his dad, ok, just kidding).

So good luck to all the local kids out there, but especially Brendan.

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