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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Thoughts from the first two games in the series

Well, now that I have returned home from a great trip to Kelowna.....
Ah heck, I didn't get to go on this trip, that is the way I wanted to start this post out.

Seattle finds themselves down two games to nil (soccer / american football reference there).
What went right and what went wrong in the first two games.

Game one - Thursday night

I personally was not disappointed with the results of the game (except the losing part).
I thought Seattle learned exactly what "NOT" to do against Kelowna.
Here is my list of those

  • Put Kelowna on the powerplay
  • Give up a goal in the last minute of a period
  • Give up a goal in the first minute of a period
  • Play less than 60 minutes
  • Give up rebounds and not be there to clear them
I really thought Seattle was the better team 5 on 5 for the first two periods.  I don't count the 3rd period, because once the game became out of reach, so did any thought to playing as a team.

Seattle did something a lot of teams didn't (including themselves) during the regular season against Kelowna.  After giving up two very early goals in the game, they clawed their way back into it, and came very close to tying it. 

But in the end, a loss is a loss is a loss.  You cant give Kelowna that many powerplay attempts, especially 5 straight, and expect to come out of their barn with a win.

Game two - Saturday night

This game, I was frustrated with the second period, and that is about it.  Seattle learned from my list of 5, except the part of the play 60 minutes.

Once again though, Seattle gives up 2 early goals, but this time they clawed their way back to tie it.

Seattle was once again the better team 5 on 5, except for the 2nd period.  They completely dominated Kelowna in the 1st, and then gave it all back in the 2nd.  Now, Kelowna deserves a lot of credit for that also.  Their adjustments between periods must have worked.

Seattle's penalty kill was much better tonight, only giving up 1 goal, and that came on a 4 on 3.  Not sure who missed what on that play, but a great player in Severson was allowed to basically walk the puck all the way to the slot and fire a shot.  Not much Kozun could do with the NHL caliber shot.

The only thing that kept Seattle from winning this game was Kelowna goalie Cooke.  I don't know how many HUGE saves he made, but it had to be in the double digits.

Game three

It goes without saying that Seattle is in a must win game on Tuesday. Lets hope the 2 for Tuesday results continue.  Except lets stop the OT part and just win it in regulation.  To do this, Seattle will need to play 60 minutes.  Man, how many times could people write that this season.

A few closing thoughts

  • How much is the injury to Yak hurting Seattle.  Games with him, 4-0.  Games without him 0-3.
  • Both Thom and Coach K said that Pederson looked very good, even better then some vets looked
  • One player that I said last series would make the difference has really struggled this series.  My guess, Kelowna is deeper then Everett, and got away with line matching against him
  • It appeared on the net feed that Kozun was struggling at times with the puck.  No idea without being there in person to tell for sure.
  • I said it above, but will say it again, man did Cooke have some huge saves
  • Damon Severson for Kelowna, what can you say.  3 goals and 4 assists in the two games.  If it was a Seattle player, I would say "Player of the week"
  • As much as I love listening to Thom call games, Regan Bartel is so fun to listen to.  He is about the only out of town broadcast I actually like listening to on the internet feed (Marlon in Victoria is one of the others, in case he will still want me on the radio with him next season).  Just to listen to him call LipsBergs name over and over.
  • Yes Mr. Bartel, in case you are reading this, I will bring you two hot dogs and one beer on Tuesday night.
  • How about the Edmonton Oil Kings.  In 2 games against Brandon, 
    • Game 1, 5-0 win, shots 45-15. 
    • Game 2, 3-0, shots 57-29. 
    • Totals: two wins, two shutouts, 8-0 score, and shots 102-44
  • And speaking of The Oil Kings.  Lets say they win this series, and the Kootenay Ice win their series.  Edmonton will have played the 8th, 7th, and 6th seeded teams in the playoffs.
  • Portland is doing their best to make me eat my words about Victoria beating them in 6 games.
  • Everyone should start planning on a trip back to Kelowna for game 5 next Friday night.  Lets get a bunch of fans to go up and have some fun winning.
  • My wife is making me shave my playoff beard, so blame things on her.

1 comment :

Unknown said...

From listening to last nights game is sounds like a huge difference is Kelowna buries their chances when they get them and Seattle needs several chances before one gets to the back of the net.

Has Kozun been a little off his game? It sounds like nearly all Kelowna's goals have been rebounds. Sounds like Cooke is standing on his head to keep his team in the game (especially game 2)

Overall it sounded like the team played pretty well on the road against a team that is very good in that arena. I'm looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully fans decide to go to Wednesday's game as well as Tuesdays.

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