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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Question was asked about the start time for the game tomorrow and my comment about scheduling.

The way the WHL scheduling works is that teams request dates and opponents in an orderly fashion. I've obviously never sat in on this process so I can't tell you exactly how it would go.

Home games vs. Portland are obviously big for the TBirds because they can draw a much bigger crowd than a different opponent or a different day. So they would like to play Saturday home games against Portland as much as possible.

Additionally.... they wouldn't have wanted to give up a Saturday home date vs. Portland because the Huskies are on the road (just another draw away from hockey). They also wouldn't have wanted to start the game at 7:05 with a 466 mile bus ride to Cranbook facing them before a 5:00 game the next day. If you assume the bus ride is about 8 or 9 hours it would have been a pretty tough trip to leave at 11pm from the Key and arrive in Cranbrook around 8am on the same day as a game. The 2:05 start just gives them plenty of time to make it to Cranbrook and give the boys a decent night's rest before Sunday's game.

Hope that answers the question.

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