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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game 13 Recap

Last night's game was so frustrating that honestly I didn't have the heart to do any live updates.

Tbirds lose again last night 3-0 to Spokane and if this were Soccer they would be down 5-0 on aggregate (ask me if you don't understand that one).

Seattle is now officially in a slump having lost 3 straight and scored only two goals in their last 180 minutes of hockey.

I am a big defender of coach Rob Sumner's style of play... I think it allows the team to stay competitive in almost every single game and at the end of the season allows you to accumulate more points based on the number of games that Seattle manages to get to overtime and earn an extra point. The problem is that this system hinges on being able to play solid D, good goaltender play and timely scoring and if those things aren't happening you see a lot of low scoring losses like we have seen in the past three.

Seattle isn't playing particularly good D right now having surrendered another 40+ shots to an opponent last night. They are getting good goaltending as you can't really fault Riku Helenius for any of the goals except perhaps the 2nd goal. As for timely scoring... well obviously there is nearly none right now.

I'm hoping the team is just going through a bit of a slump right now, but perhaps they aren't as good as we thought they were? Spokane looked awfully solid last night at home in winning their 9th game in a row. The next two games loom as pretty big with Tri City and Spokane coming in for two home games. Hopefully the team can turn it around on home ice.

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