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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Will Farwell make a move? Injury update, Reekie update

Yesterday's big news (besides Kamloops firing their coach/G.M.) was the Blazers trading their 1st round NHL draft pick Keaton Ellerby to Moose Jaw for former Silvertip Brady Calla. The swap of 19 year olds made some sense for the Blazers after Ellerby was a healthy scratch for the struggling Blazers the other day.

Why is Seattle not in on this deal? My suspicion is that they were but for whatever reason Moose Jaw's offer of Calla was better than whatever Seattle wanted to offer.

Something has to give as Seattle still has only 5 D on the active roster and Scott Jackson not expected back until after the conclusion of the Road Swing.

No update yet on the injury to Josh Schappert but the fear is that it might be more serious than initially thought. How long will he be out?? I don't know... but it appears that he will not play this weekend at the very least.

Also... it appears that Everett will be given a week to figure out their O/A situation with David Reekie set to come off the 60 day Disabled List tomorrow. Personally... I don't understand why Everett is allowed extra time. 60 days isn't enough time to figure out what to do with him? This means that Everett will be allowed 4 O/A players for a full 7 days longer (actively) than any other WHL team and I think that is a poor decision on the leagues part.

Why should the Silvertips be afforded the luxury of an extra week when teams have known for several weeks now that Reekie was healthy. Comments?

Edit: Everett has apparently placed Reekie on waivers and this has been confirmed by Nick Patterson's Blog

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