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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game 17 Recap at Kooteney

I had come conflicts last night and was only able to catch the radio portion of the 3rd period and OT.

My general feelings is that it sounded like the Tbirds started the game strong, had a strong forecheck and in the 3rd period was very unfortunate not to gain the go ahead goal.

At the end of the day... Kooteney had been playing much better of late and Seattle still earns a point in a road game. I know these Shootout and OT losses are tough for fans and it would be nice to gain TWO points instead of one... its still a point on the road. This is a hallmark of the Rob Sumner Tbirds to play games close enough to not get beat in regulation and grind out points on the road.

The not so good news is that Seattle went 0/7 on the Power Play again and the unit is beginning to look like the same unit from years previous.

Seattle is off today and play former Tbird Mitch Fadden tomorrow in Lethbridge.

With the OTL Seattle falls to 8-5-4 good for 20 points in 17 games which is a pace for about 85 points.

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