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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Rumors are flying...

Tbirds are set to make a "big" announcement tonight.

I honestly have no "solid" leads on what the announcement will be but Gregg Drinnan is reporting that an anonymous tipster has stated that the Tbirds are set to hire recently fired Everett Silvertips Coach John Becanic to the Thunderbirds staff most likely as an Assistant Coach or Associate Head Coach. I've also heard that it could possibly be even more than that but I have nothing "solid" to go on outside of Drinnan's report.

Stay tuned... it should be interesting. I will say this... if the front office wanted fans talking about team today and anticipating something they have succeeded with flying colors.


Anonymous said...

Sumner going to Tri-Cities? I hope not.

Thunnex said...

I know that rumor is out there but I find it hard to believe that Seattle would state that they are making a "big" announcement today and Tri-City hasn't even mentioned making any kind of announcement much less a "big" or "small" one.

I'd be stunned if Sumner was leaving considering the young talent the team has, the new building, the start of his summer camp, etc. But strange things do happen.

Anonymous said...

The Becanic hiring is an interesting one and I'm assuming that's as far as this announcement goes..... I guess all it's going to do is lead to more rumors down the road

stbird said...

Unless there is more to it, I don't see how hiring an Assistant Coach is "big" news.

Anonymous said...

I guess what is making me nervous is that if they were adding a coach you'd think the press release would say that are announcing an exciting change in hockey operations or something similar. I guess we'll know in 3.5 hours.

Anonymous said...

They needed to add a coach to teach Rob how to coach. Rob couldn't get a job any where else it amazing he has one here.

Thunnex said...

Yes, because a coaching record of 191-132-37 screams crappy coach to me.

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