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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Weekend Notes

Tbirds defeated Portland on Saturday night 4-2 in the first exhibition contest of the season. From the reports I got it sounded like Portland really outplayed the Tbirds but Seattle was more opportunistic with their scoring chances and Kyle Jahraus played very well for the Tbirds in net.

A handful of veterans did not play and Russian Mikhal Sentyurin (not the now correct spelling) is also not playing yet. I have also learned that Justin L"e"chance is actually... Justin Lachance. So... take that for what it is worth.

Seattle still has roughly 30 skaters by my count and needs to probably cut about 7 or 8 more guys before the opener.

Tbirds are back in action on Friday for the Everett pre-season tournament. I will be going up to take notes on Friday morning and Sunday afternoon but I'm skipping the Saturday game against Everett. Might as well keep superstitions going in the pre-season.

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