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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Scrimmage Day 2

Quickly... 514 visitors to the site yesterday which is not only amazing for this time of the year but also a new website record. Thanks as always for checking it out.

I'm not going to re-type the rosters for the 2nd scrimmage last night. Some players were cut and send home and a few players switched teams.

Players that were sent home: Jared D'Amico (15), Danny Kowalski (15), Matthew Berry-LaMontagna (16), Jordan Houghton (15), Gus Correale (16), Patrick D'Amico (15), Austin Hoff (16), Kyle Horsman (15), Jetlan Houcher (15), Jeffrey Kennedy (15), Andrew Macleod (15), Jason Ness (15), Anthony Petruzzelli (16) and Jordan Salahor (16).

I had to leave after one period last night so not much here but these are the notes I took. Charles Wells was in uniform and playing but new Import Senturin is still not playing.

- DeSerres for Blue and Jahraus for White starting in net tonight.

- Sena with a nice little spin-o-rama move down the left side of the zone but his pass fails to connect after the nifty move.

- Parker with quick snap shot from the slot that is shouldered away by DeSerres.

- Parker with another chance for a backhand on DeSerres that is kicked away at the last minute, great save by DeSerres who is looking healthy again.

- Rai in alone to the right of DeSerres but rifles high over the corner of the net. White has applied all the pressure here in the opening minutes of the game.

- Lechance with a quick shot that is turned into the middle by Jahraus (dangerous) but is cleared away by the defense.

- Lockhard whiffs on a rebound looking at a mostly open net. The puck was bouncing and hopped right over his stick.

- Blue penalty results in a Parker Penalty Shot and he finishes with over the right pad of DeSerres, the same pad that DeSerres used to stop him minutes earlier and the White team leads 1-0.

- White penalty shortly after and Lechance buries a pretty shot to the low corner past Jahraus and tie the game at 1-1.

- Rai flashing his trademark speed around the corner and crashes into the post knocking the net off its pegs.

- Baker shot stopped and held by Jahraus.

- White dominated the 1st period but it comes to an end with the score tied 1-1.

Here is the link to the Tbirds story on the rest of the game. Parker later would add another goal to lead the White team to the victory. Parker was a force all period and I would guess was the easy MVP of the game in my mind.

Very conservatively thinking... Here is how I would breakdown the roster battles if we assume a 22 skater roster.

Fowards -

Rai (20)
Nielsen (20)
Acolatse (19)
Wells (18)
Silvester (18)
Parker (18)
Lockhard (17)
Lund (17)
Senturin (17)
Jacobs (16)

Defense -

Schappert (20)
Warg (19)
Haber (19)
Dillon (19)
Chaffin (18)
Fleming (17)

That's 16 skaters so let's go with about 4 spots left. In my mind at least 2/3 of those will need to be D's and 3/4 could be F's.

On the Forward side... I think you're looking at 3 or 4 spots between Tyler Sybil (17), Justin LeChance (17), Tyler Alos (16), Connor Sanvido (16), Joey Baker (16), Jacob Doty (16), Mitch Elliot (16), Robbie Newton (16) and Brennan Tutt (16).

Now... what I think might happen and who I would choose are two different things. Of this group, I would keep Alos, Sanvido, Baker and Elliot/Newton. Who will they keep? If I knew I probably wouldn't be allowed to say so... but I would be pretty surprised if they didn't keep Sanvido and since Russ loves kids with size it wouldn't surprise me at all to see Newton and or Elliot also kept.

On the Defense side... I think you're looking at 2 or 3 spots for these guys... Kaydon Trumbley (18), Mitch Berg (18), Jordan Blake-Jones (17), Jared Crema (17), Tanner Muth (16) and Ryan Armbruster (16). This one is a little easier for me. I would keep Crema and Berg as my first two and if you want to keep a 3rd I would love to keep Muth around. If you want to just bite the bullet and go young and only keep 8 D I would keep Crema and Muth and cut Berg loose but I doubt they do that.


Anonymous said...

What were your thoughts on 94' Evan Wardley D-man

Thunnex said...

I liked him. I think he showed the potential to be a nice solid stay at home defenseman.

I can't say that I saw a ton of offense out of him so that will be an area of his game he will need to improve on but it is a little hard to get a full look at these young guys in only 4 periods of scrimmage and a couple rookie camp games.

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