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Hockey Challenge 2014

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A first... and not a good one.

For the first time in as long a I can remember... I have to skip the game tonight. I'm still running a fever and this flu just doesn't seem to want to go away.

Sucks to miss a game but it just has to be this way.

You guys will have to tell me how the game goes.


tbird117 said...

I think the most glaring difference between the teams is Portland's crisp accurate passing. They can move the puck so easily up ice and get exactly the shot they want these are some seriously skilled forwards the Hawks have that can have there way with our lousy defense at will. Kudos for Dillon I thought he was the only d man who really showed up and not just on the scoresheet. Bonsor, Muth, Aasman, Schappert, and Ramsay (who left early with an arm injury) have all seen better days. We do not match up well against the Hawks and I'm pretty certain we will see a sweep. However the Hawks are going to need some better defense and goaltending to beat teams that matter in this league in the playoffs. Curtis and Carruth are average at best. It was nice to see Sbisa again although I can see why he was sent back, maybe due to his injury but he doesn't seem as interested in playing defense as he does in joining the rush and very hesitant on being hit. Doyle is a waste of a roster spot for this team the young defensemen carry this team. I don't believe Portland can win the West this year..... However next year this team has the young talent to dominate this league next year with better or more experienced goaltending.

As for us I see a possible 7 or 8 seed in the works, but at least an improvement on what we are now.

4thebirds said...

Hope you're feeling better Tyler.
Can you even imagine when the boys had that crap they tried to play hockey? Just amazes me what these kids go through.

Thunnex said...

I could see playing, but there is a very low chance I would have played well with this thing. Your body just aches all over and you have no energy.

As for Tbird. Yeah I have to completely agree. We must either improve our passing or get in some more guys who can pass the puck. I often notice the glaring difference in passing ability and this goes back to last season as well so this isn't a problem that just cropped up this year.

I'm still pretty optimistic. With Pickard for a goaltender, you don't really have to improve that much to be a pretty tough team. Nobody gets style points for winning by 8 instead of winning 3-2 and this team has been really close in a lot of games and not so close in some others. If the defense can take a solid step forward over the summer, this team is back to .500. Then you make a few moves here and there, add an import or two, add one more scorer and I think you're back to the middle of the pack maybe a 5 or 6.

The season after that is the one I've targeted all along, I think by the time this team gets to 2011-12 you could see them make a serious cup run and I think you would see Farwell actually go for it by going out and getting players to build around a core of Pickard and Jacobs.

Welcometothecircus said...

Hey Tyler,
I have a HOCKEY realated question and it looks like this is the place to discuss HOCKEY :) Thinking ahead to tonight's matchup, I started wondering... Is it too early for the Ams to start rotating their top guys through the line up and resting them? They've clinched the top playoff spot and are guaranteed home ice in the first round. Will they have their full compliment of stars in the line up tonight? Or will they take the opportunity to rest their top guns against our young guns?


Thunnex said...

Well Tri has clinched a playoff spot and home ice in the first round but they haven't quite clinched home ice throughout the playoffs. Vancouver, Everett and Portland "could" still catch them for the top spot.

Is that likely to happen? I say no. Everett just got finished ripping off 14 straight wins so they are due for a little regression and Portland plays too up and down to make a serious run at Tri. Same with Vancouver who I think is just a little too inconsistent to run down Tri.

So to answer the question. Nope... I don't think Tri will ease up at all tonight. I expect the game to look a lot like the recent games. I think the Birds will hang in tough for a portion of the game and there will be a distinct tipping point where they will either stay in the game or lose it and fall off the cliff.

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