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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Honestly... I'm worn out...

I think we have reached the bottom Tbird fans. I think this is what rock bottom feels like. You can cross of, 2-0 shorthanded game loser from your list of ways to lose.

I honestly can't say I've ever seen a team lose in OT while on the PP on a 2-0 break the other direction.

The team played very well. Probably one of the better games I have seen out of them in several weeks and yet STILL couldn't breakthrough with a win. If these games actually mattered I would be really upset about it, but we all know they don't. I'd much rather lock in a higher draft pick while still seeing these kids play hard. Playing hard will eventually lead to wins and the hope is that this team doesn't get frustrated and give up. All losing streaks come to an end... I could think of no better time than a win over Portland this weekend to break the losing streak. One of these nights the puck will take a couple of fortunate bounces and Seattle will be back in the win column.

Some notes from last night:

- I'm not saying the two are related... but after I pointed out last week that Brenden Dillon was basically on an extended tryout for his spot last year he has responded. Last night Dillon was physical, carried the puck and even dropped the gloves with success without making very many poor decisions with the puck. This shouldn't be the end. He needs to play like he did this weekend each and every game AND get even better.... but I liked what I saw.

- Easy to say Luke Lockhart had a nice game because of the goal he scored but equally important and perhaps more important was his willingness to block shots. Lockhart took at least a few off his body and attempted to block a few more as well.

- Colin Jacobs was excellent again last night and contrary to other "reports" the shorthanded goal was not given up on the possession where he missed the net with a shot in overtime. The shorthanded goal was scored on a different trip into the zone where Prab Rai simply made a poor pass between Jacobs and Gallimore. Credit Kelowna's Dallas Jackson and Brandon McMillan for quickly recognizing the situation and taking off down the ice before Gallimore and Jacobs could get their momentum turns around to catch them going the other direction.

- Officiating was not good last night, I'm not going to waste any more words on the subject... it just wasn't good.

- Alos left the game after the first period and didn't return. No idea on his status but I'm going to guess it might have had something to do with the high hit he took in the neutral zone by a Kelowna player (of course... no call).

- Prab Rai also got tripped up... appeared to be hurt pretty bad, did eventually return only to skate pretty gingerly and finally finish the game looking like he was ok. Let's hope he is ok.

- Shane McColgan is the real deal... if you didn't already know that.

- Ramsay also had a pretty good tilt with Mitchell Callahan, who is no softy. EDIT: I also totally forgot that Callahan is about 6 inches shorter than Ramsay, so give credit to Callahan for being tough enough to take Ramsay on.

Two final notes not related to the game yesterday.

Another viewing party at Gators on Friday night to watch Seattle take on the Winterhawks at 7:30pm. Let's try to get more people into Gators to watch the game. Last week we had nearly every television in the place on the Tbirds game and it was a lot of fun when we scored.

and finally... I am again this year playing in the 2010 Ronald McDonald House Hockey Challenge with the E&D Division of Microsoft. No.... I'm still not playing in the celebrity game (bummer) but I will be raising money again this year for a very worthy cause.

Tomorrow will begin a 3.5 week stretch where I will shamelessly beg for donations for this worthy cause. I apologize in advance but I would love for my team to top our donation number from last season.


Todd said...

I would like to see the TBirds win but this was a great game to watch! The crowd was engaged and got stronger as the game went on. During the first 5 minutes it was looking like it could get ugly fast but the team held in and played tough after the Rockets scored.

I was a little surprised at the officiating too. I would have expected when a player drops a glove and starts hitting someone in the face, he would get a penalty. When he came to the bench the fans were on the refs and he looked up and just shrugged to the crowd. I think he was surprised he didn't get one too. Instead it was just called as a TBird penalty.

The Birds will get there. I think some of the teams coming in think they are going to have an easy win but the Birds are making them work for it. BIG difference from the first half of the year when nobody seemed to care. Maybe they finally got the right vibe.

tbird117 said...

I certainly hope people were not blaming Jacobs for the 2 on 0 breakaway, Jacobs was the only one to attempt to break it up. Gallimore expected someone to be there and didn't really put much effort into skating for the loose puck. For anyone to blame Jacobs for that shows that they did not watch it.

As for the team I doubt we win a game this weekend, of all the teams in this league Portland is not one we match up well with at all. I'm saying the streak ends against Moose Jaw next Friday. As far as rock bottom it's not so bad most of us didn't think this team was going to compete before the season started, and we have seen that. But at least now we have a reason for hope. I haven't exactly been supportive of Sumner in the past but he and the rest of the staff are certainly putting a lot of effort into the games making sure the kids are learning each game. I think we will start seeing some real gains later next season. I hope we bring in some 20's next season that will bring some real winning experience to the younger guys. I think this is where Schappert has done well this year. Rai is still playing hard but realistically is just playing for a chance to get into the AHL after the season. And Nielsen I have no comment. But hey Portland was at "rock bottom" just a year and a half ago and look at them now, confident, talented, and impressive. We stick to a plan and hopefully we get on track.

stbird said...


Can you please explaing how we make a deal after the trade deadline. Is there something I am missing?

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