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Seattle gets another Defenseman

Seattle acquires Austin Baecker from Lethbridge this morning in exchange for a conditional 6th round selection in the 2011 Bantam Draft.

This is pretty much a lottery ticket trade by Farwell. Baecker is 6'5" and 208. Not only have I wanted Seattle to get more depth on defense but I've been begging for our defensemen to get bigger and Farwell has done that.

The fact that it is a conditional pick, makes be wonder if he will ever make the team. This is another good trade because your worst case scenario isn't bad at all.

btw... my understanding is that players who are not on the active WHL roster can still be traded after the deadline. The deadline is really only meant to keep teams from adding active roster players for the rest of the season.

Which means... Baecker won't be coming here this season.


Unknown said...


You keep talking about our defense and adding more depth to that department. I'm kind of confused after reading the post of what our roster could look like, and to me, are stronger depth is on the blue line. Here's how I'm looking at things and please tell me if I'm wrong to think this way. First off, whether dillon is back or not, I feel like we will add a veteran defender whether through trade or whatever. For this let's just say dillon does come back, he has played well since the trade deadline and trust me, I'm not dillons biggest fan. Ramsey is back for sure, as is muth and aasman. Bonsor is the only one who I'm not sure they will keep or not. I think fleming should and will move up to a forward position, I just think that suits him better. So you are looking at ramsey, dillon, new veteran, muth and aasman, there's 5 of your 6 starters right there. I would imagine them carrying 7 to 8 dmen next season, so your last starter you pick from, walker, crema, frank, baeker, wardley or dora. Now I might be wrong but you said one of the 16 year olds will make it, so there's your 6th defender, then you have 4 players for 2 spots. I personally think we should trade some of these younger guys and get proven scorers. We do have depth in both areas, but are offensive depth is not at all proven, and this season, cannot score, what do you think?

Thunnex said...

Short term you might be right. When I'm thinking defense depth I'm thinking organizationally and overall.

If you go back to that roster reconstruction you'll notice that I had listed 29 forwards and 11 defense that might make the team next year and that isn't counting what they might do with the 20 spots and at least one import spot.

So if you move Fleming to forward, and you go out and get a proven scorer suddenly you're down to 9 (plus now Baecker you have 10). So while I would like them to get scoring eventually I think next season you roll with what you have, maybe pick up one guy you know is going to be around the following season and in 2011-12 this team tries to make a serious run.

I think with the current 29/12 split (totally rough guess) I think the depth is probably properly in alignment. The current team has 14 forwards with 7 defensemen. So you need roughly twice the number of forwards that you do defense. If you take out the 3 american kids you're at 26/12 which is much closer to where you should be.

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