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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Race for #2

I know some fans are going to feel differently and that is just fine with me... but I'll do my best to convince you... Wins just don't matter right now.

I'll say it again, wins don't matter. Sure... it would be nice to break this streak and get a victory just to make ourselves and the players feel a little better. Fact is, losses actually mean more to the franchise than wins right now.

Seattle is locked in a "battle" for the #2 overall bantam selection in the 2010 draft. Unless Prince George catches fire and Seattle loses every game the rest of the way (I know it seems like it right now, but that won't happen) there is no way the Tbirds are going to "catch" PG for the 1st overall selection. They are however, locked in a tightly contested battle for the #2 pick. Current standings:

#2 - Edmonton Oil Kings, 57 games, 36 points
#3 - Lethbridge Hurricanes, 56 games, 36 points
#4 - Tbirds, 55 games, 36 points

So Seattle has a real shot at getting the #2 overall selection. Here's the kicker though. That might not matter either.

Prince George will almost certainly select Alex Forsberg from Saskatchewan (his brother is already playing for the Cougars).

The player who is possibly the next best player available is American Forward Brian Williams, currently playing for the L.A. Selects. A little highlight can be found here assuming that is actually Brian Williams (looks like it is).

Williams is considered a #1 overall type of talent, but the rumor is that he might only be willing to come to the WHL if he were playing for an American team...........

Well Seattle is going to have the first selection of all the American teams. Hmmm. So while wins don't really matter right now, losses may not matter that much either if Seattle is going to select, AND convince to come to Seattle, Brian Williams out of Los Angeles.

So while Seattle lost another tough one last night in Tri-City, 3-2, I'm having a really hard time caring about the results right now. The only thing that really matters right now is the effort that is being given on a night to night basis. I know some hate this opinion (again... fine) but I give this coaching staff an enormous amount of credit for keeping this team playing hard through the end of the season. This team could easily fold up the tents and mail it in the rest of the season and this writer wouldn't really care very much either way... but they aren't doing that, they are playing hard and tough each and every single game. They may not be playing "well" but they are playing hard and that is really the only thing I'm looking for over these final 17 games.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the insight. This is one of the reasons I check this blog regularly - all I see are the wins and losses and I'm not too familiar with the various meanings of the numbers behind those.

Marc74 said...

I can certainly understand people being indifferent to losses in the hope of getting a better draft pick. Though for a young team like the T-birds I'd really like to see them put some wins together at the end of the year to go into the offseason. I think the confidence that could give this team going into next year would be huge with most of them coming back next year.

Also it depends on how you are losing, are you losing 2-1, 3-2, OT and SO losses? Or are you playing incomplete games like they did saturday when they played good in the first and third period, but the way they played in the second gave them no chance to win what-so-ever.


tbird117 said...

Like Marc said it would be nice to see the T-birds put a couple wins in near the end of the year just too build off of. The rest of the year really is just a tryout. I do think Dillon has stepped up to come back as a 20. But now is a time to evaluate the 17 and 18's and see if any of them are part of the T-birds plans. Rai still needs to show Vancouver something and hope to get into an AHL playoff run. As for the other 20's well Schappert has played hard and improved each year in this league hopefully he will be able to continue to play in some form. As for the other I have no comment. So still a lot for these players this year too decide our future.

kentfan4 said...

I agree with Tyler's thought that the wins just don't matter now - on paper. But I think it is important to remember that these boys really WANT to win a game and it would be nice for them for their morale and going to next season to have at least a couple W's in their pocket before the next few weeks run out.

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