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Hockey Challenge 2014

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3 games left...

Just 3 games left in this miserable season. Seattle drops another one in Tri-City last night.

Tyler Alos scored again. It is going to be really excited to see Alos and Jacobs grow up together with this team.

Pickard was solid again making 42 stops. I have no idea where this team would be without him.

Really nice to see Dillon back out there and even got into a tilt with Messier for a hit that Messier didn't care for very much.

It wouldn't surprise me to see Dillon and Stefan Schneider have a little "meeting" when the Tbirds take on Portland for the last time on Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

This line has looked good lately. Over the past 9 games:Alos+2(4G&1A)Jacobs+7(6G&2A)

Anonymous said...

...over last 8 games not 9!

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