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Becanic Contract Not Renewed

John Becanic will not be with the Seattle Thunderbirds for the 2010-11 season. The team announcing today that his contract will not be renewed.

This really isn't much of a shock and with all apologies to John Becanic I thought the hiring was a bit strange in the first place with Seattle already having a pretty full coaching staff.

Having said that, I did like the hire and I think by most accounts the hire was a pretty good one with Seattle's PP looking pretty improved before the trading of Acolatse, Warg and Parker at the deadline.

Seattle also started the season sporting a pretty good Penalty Kill but slumped as the season wore on and finished in 14th place for the season.

Team release can be found HERE.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree. It wasn't a bad hire, and I always thought it was more of a temp thing. We really didn't need that many coaches. I have to say with the new twitter thing going on it seems like the fans are kept much more in the know now.
Also got our renewal form for season tickets. I think they are doing quite a bit to get us back in our seats. Vouchers and a free preseason game ticket for early renewal. Even the payment plan for those who can't do it in one lump is a great option. IMO. Gotta admit when I saw opening night September 25th vs Portland I got pretty excited!


Anonymous said...

I never understood the Becanic hiring and the way they stated "The T-Birds have big anouncement" when they did hire him was quite confusing as well.

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