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Rai Signs and Summer Notes

Vancouver announced this morning that they have signed Prab Rai to a contract this morning. My best guess is that Rai might be headed to Manitoba to finish the season with the Moose of the AHL.

Press Release from the Canucks can be found here.

Quick note for this blog for the rest of the Summer. Per usual, I'm pretty burned out from another season of articles and I just don't have the desire to throw up crappy posts just for the sake of throwing something up. I am working on a few things, but quite honestly I'm just going to save them for next season. It has been a pretty long and difficult season and an especially difficult final 2 months of the season. It really isn't that much fun to be the target of hecklers when you're just trying to provide content for fans. I'd love to sit here and tell you that it doesn't really bother me... but it does. Quite frankly I don't "need" this blog... I do it because for the past three years I have enjoyed it and when it stops being fun I will just quit. The last few months of the season, it just hasn't been very much fun for a variety of reasons.

My hope is that I will regain the "fire" after another peaceful summer and come back rejuvenated.

I will have a few updates here and there when appropriate... but I want to just wish everyone a good summer. Rookie camp is about 5 months away!


Unknown said...

Tyler, that makes me sad, I always count on you to bring me back down from my angryness. I hope you end up posting some stuff just for the sake of my sanity. There isn't anywhere else I can get some actual information about the birds, and not some non sense or reading arguements between homer and anonymous. Either way, have a good summer bud.

kentfan4 said...

Tyler, I hope you regain the fire because what we are left with is a bunch of just angry sniping that is not terribly informative. You certainly deserve a break i hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with chris and kentfan4. Have a good summer!

Mr Tell13 said...

Have a great summer and if you feel like it come back to provide the quality info you always did. If not, you will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Yes Tyler, PLEASE come back. This really is the only place we can talk hockey. Even if we have to sign in again, it's the best place for t-bird fans to come for info and just good hockey talk. Enjoy your time off, I know we are! But I'll still check from time to time just to see if any tidbits show up.


Anonymous said...

We can all certainly understand your position! I'll be keeping your blog on my "Favorites" list and checking in as usual. I'm looking forward to the NHL draft, and am hope full that you'll have something to share at that time. Enjoy your much needed time off, we'll look forward to your return for camp in August. :) There will be plenty to talk about come August!


Anonymous said...

Tyler, you of all people do NOT deserve to be heckled. I hope you do come back and I really enjoy reading your blog, it is always informative and at times, helps me to see things from a different perspective. Thank you for your efforts over the years, IMHO, you do a fantastic job. Please keep it up.


seattlelovebirds said...

rest up and come back strong!

your comments are well thought out and always good reads.

Anonymous said...

Tyler, enjoy your well deserved time off. I look forward to seeing you back just as soon as you're ready. I seriously check this blog every day for updates. Very well written and very well done.

Anonymous said...

While I'm not always as optimistic as you that's just fine with me and I don't hold anything against you. If we all agreed all the time there wouldn't be much to discuss. You certainly don't deserve to be heckled just because some one else has a different view. I suspect some of those folks just want someone to heckle. I enjoy your blog and hope you recharge and continue to enjoy it as well. I've occasionally posted negative posts because that's sometimes my view but that's just my view and it doesn't mean anyone else has to share it. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Illigitemi non carborundum. We may not comment but we do enjoy your insight. Get some rest and come back even stronger.

Anonymous said...

Please don't leave! You'll never please everyone but you please enough of us. I've almost given up on the WHL....except after twenty years I can't kick totally kick the hockey fix and I daily check and your site. If your coverage is gone, I'll probably put the WHL to rest. Hope you come back strong.

-Dave in Poulsbo

stbird said...

I read you blog everyday also hope you feel the fire to keep it going. Should be an interesting offseason with the two overage spots to fill and an import spot.

Have a good spring and summer. hope to see you writing come training camp.

Anonymous said...

I used to read your blog and make comments, but I stopped reading when it became hate blog.... I like a blog when intelligable people can discuss things without being rude and distasteful.

Hope your blog is back.

Brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

Have a great summer, get recharged and really hope to have you back soon.

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