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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Reasons for optimism...

Seattle gets a tough 4-3 win over Tri-City last night at the ShoWare Center behind two power play goals from Burke Gallimore.

In a difficult season, we have all been looking for signs to either be pessimistic about the future or optimistic about the next couple of years. We've had plenty of reasons to be frustrated but last night was the game we have been looking for as a sign of this team turning the corner. With only two players older than the 18 the Tbirds knocked off the top team in the Western Conference (for now).

Look at these contributions.

Prab Rai, 20 yo - 3 assists, +2
Linsday Nielsen, 20 yo - 1 assist, +1

Charles Wells, 18 yo - 1 goal, 1 assist, +1
Burke Gallimore, 18 yo - 2 goals
Brenden Silvester, 18 yo - 0 points, -1 but was the sparkplug all night. Probably had at least 7 or 8 hits.
Robbie Ciolfi, 18 yo - 1 assist, +1

Brendan Rouse, 17 yo - 1 assist, +1
Calvin Pickard, 17 yo - 39 saves

Tyler Alos, 16 yo - 1 goal, +1
Colin Jacobs, 16 yo - 1 assist, +1
Mitch Elliot, 16 yo - +1

That is a lot of contribution from players who will still be here next season and if you want to pick 3/4 players from that 18 group a lot of players who will be here two seasons from now.

Give these kids time to develop and I think we are all going to like what we see.

Also... keep in mind that this team will be adding at least two 20 year old players next season, at least one high Import selection and any trades that Farwell might make either before next season or during the season.

I think we need to be careful to not get too excited about one victory... but getting a win against a quality opponent while being down 4 players is impressive.

Seattle appears to be playing themselves out of ping pong balls as they are now 3 points ahead of Edmonton and 2 points ahead of Lethbridge with a game in hand on each of them. The impact of this is much bigger for the Import Draft than it is for the Bantam Draft. With Seattle likely to finish 4th to last in the league, the Tbirds will be looking at the 10th selection in the Import Draft as opposed to potentially the 4th.


Unknown said...

Tyler. Quick question, with the birds playing so shorthanded, why don't they call up some players for the last weekend? It would be nice to let some of the younger players play like walker, frank, crema, or sanvido. It would be especially nice to get some help on the blue line.

Thunnex said...

To be quite honest I'm not entirely sure. Some can be easily explained while some may not.

Sanvido's season is still going on as his Vancouver NE Chiefs are currently in the semi-finals of the BCMML, after defeating the Okanagan Rockets who have Jordan Salahor and Justin Hickman on their roster.

The others might not be as easily explained. My best guess is that it just isn't worth the trouble to take these kids out of school and away from families for just a couple of games.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is the school issue. They said on the radio that Troock had gone back to Edmonton after last weekends games so he would not miss as much school. I think that is why more of the Canada based teams add more of their draft picks at the end of the year and it doesn't happen as much with the U.S. based teams. Most of those players are still close to home.

Anonymous said...

Tyler, what about Farewell's letter? Are you to close to them to write the truth?

Thunnex said...

we aren't doing advertising over here...

I'll comment on the "letter" later today.

Just a reminder... I don't work for the team, don't get paid by the team and don't have any connection with the team.

I'm not sure why having a different opinion from me means you think I'm not giving you my honest opinion.

Anonymous said...

So your afraid to have others read a diffent opinion to have a different take on the team. (WOW)that does say something about you. But that's right you don't care what other think. (Interesting)

Thunnex said...

What is your problem man??

I'm not "afraid" at all. People are welcome to have opinions other than mine and people are perfectly welcome to go read anyone they want. I'm pretty sure I'm not stopping anyone.

Anonymous said...

To's spelled YOU'RE or write it out YOU ARE (WOW)...didn't they teach you anything in elementary school (Interesting)?

kentfan4 said...

Back to hockey...I think a lot of the younger guys they could be calling up are still playing. I know one reason Troock came in was his season was over.

It was great to see the win. It sure would be fun to see a few more like that before the end of the night Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I'd say our most important win of the year needs to be Saturday. I could care less if we hurt or help anyone else, but THIS team needs to beat Portland once this season!!!

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