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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Bantam Draft

Seattle does not select Brian Williams and instead selects Jared Hauf of the Calgary Bronks. Hauf is a 6'4" 170 lbs defensemen.

I really hope that Jared Hauf turns out to be one heck of a player because I'm finding it really hard not to be disappointed right now.


Jim said...

We can hope that Farwell knows something the likelihood of Brian Williams signing to play in the WHL that we don't. That said, yeah, it feels like a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

No one selected Williams in the first round. Obviously he's not committed to the WHL.

Anonymous said...

Did Williams get selected at all?

Anonymous said...

I was Jared's teacher in elementary school. He is extremely smart and a smooth athlete who has grown a ton in the past couple years. Give him some time for his skills to catch up. He's a winner.

Jason said...

Jared is a great choice in my opinion.

I live in Calgary and know him just a little bit... You will not find a guy of that age with more character, drive and motivation.

He's an incredible athlete not only is he a great, top level Hockey player, but he plays the highest level of Basketball too... Hockey is his first choice, but it shows his well-rounded athletic ability.

Not only is Jared an incredible athlete but he has his head on his shoulders straight. Not to mention his size, but more important than that he's got amazing character to match that size and his skill.

I would be very excited...

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