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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Just getting warmed up...

I want to get my arm (fingers) a little loose before the annual day of hope (WHL Bantam Draft) on Thursday. I will have all the picks here plus some analysis.

It's really tough to cover the Bantam Draft because for the most part I've never seen any of these 15 year olds play hockey before. Having said that... there is a very clear top story developing for the Thunderbirds for this draft.

Seattle selects 4th. American Brian Williams is a player who has been touted as a top player and would likely be the easy (arguable) #1 selection if not for the fact that he may not come play in the WHL.

If Williams is available at #4 and Seattle doesn't select him... we have to hope that Williams gave Farwell indications that he wasn't interested in reporting to the WHL. On the other hand... it has been stated that Williams would only come to the WHL if he was selected by an American team... hmmmmm. Seattle might wind up with a top talent while only having the 4th overall selection.

Still, even if Seattle does select Williams you'd have to be a bit concerned about whether he will report to Seattle. Let's hope that somehow Seattle gets Williams AND gets him to report to Seattle.


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Drinnan is reporting the T-birds are shopping the 4th overall pick for an impact 18-19 yr old. I would hope some draft picks would be tossed in, say a swap of 1st rd spots and the 18-19 yr old impact player. Does this mean they cannot get Williams to commit to them?

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