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Hockey Challenge 2014

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3rd Round Selections

Seattle with two picks in this round and the first is James Neil, Right Wing from Surrey, BC. Neil is 6'0" and 170 lbs and played for Semiahmoo

I think it is pretty clear at this point that Farwell is going with kids that have already grown to a decent size as they haven't selected a player shorter than 6' in these first three picks.

A quick thought here... I wouldn't be too shocked to see the Tbirds take a chance and take Williams here since this is essentially an "extra" 3rd round pick.

With their 2nd selection in Round 3, the Tbirds select Shea Theodore, 5'10.5" 142 lbs out of Aldergrove, BC. Theodore must be pretty slender at nearly 5'11" and only 142.

At this point with Seattle (and nobody else) selecting Brian Williams out of Los Angeles, you would have to think that teams were pretty concerned that he wouldn't commit. And I'm ok with that. No point taking the kid if you aren't sure he is going to show up.


Anonymous said...

Not a surprise after facing Portland so many times and coming away with zero wins. BIG does not always mean slow. LOL

Thunnex said...

Pretty tough to tell at this point obviously. Big is nice... but big and slow isn't.

Portland is already out and Tri-City in in the WHL Championship so you certainly don't have to be big to be good.

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