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Hockey Challenge 2014

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New Radio Network... sorta

Tbirds General Manager Russ Farwell is on ESPN Radio Seattle 710am with Brock and Salk right now announcing that the Tbirds will have "some" of their games broadcast on ESPN 710am. They haven't mentioned yet how many of the games will be on 710 but quite frankly it doesn't matter... this is a good announcement no matter what.

Getting some games on a much bigger network is a huge move for the Tbirds and the added mention of the games by the on air hosts should be a boost as well.

EDIT: The Monkey is out. After TWO seasons on 104.9 the Monkey the Tbirds will be moving back to 1150 KKNW for most (52) of their games.

ESPN 710 AM will broadcast 20 regular season games and the other 52 will return to KKNW 1150 AM.

Official Press Release is here.


Anonymous said...

I've heard approximately 20-25 and mostly Friday night road games

Anonymous said...

T-birds were on the Monkey for two seasons.

Thunnex said...

whoops... good call.

Anonymous said...

So the 20 games on 710 ESPN is a great deal, but how about going back to KKNW 1150, is that good? Will the reception be good?

Thunnex said...

Got ya coverd in the next post.

Jim said...

This is great. I had to listen to away games streaming on the computer or on the car radio; I couldn't get the Monkey on the radio in the house. However I do remember that KKNW had a bad habit of delaying Tbird games in order to broadcast Husky women's basketball live.

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