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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Training Camp Day 1

In case you all were wondering (because... I'm sure you were). I wasn't able to attend training camp last night due to my softball team playing in the NW National Championships. I will be in attendance tonight and I will be able to take some notes on the happenings.

Armed with the knowledge that I wouldn't be able to attend I asked a fan that I trust to take some notes. Without further ado... here they are.


The headline of tonight’s scrimmage should be

“Vets return to the ice for the first time, and it looked like it”

The vets were back on the ice, but only a few really stood out.

Overall, you could tell it was the vets first time on the ice in a game situation.

Not a lot of great passing and flow.

Lots of them just blended in, and did nothing to make me take notice.

By rough count, this is the breakdown by age
15 – 12
16 – 11
17 – 9
18 – 12
19 – 5
20 – 1

One notable missing was (Ryan) Armbruster.
3rd round pick in 2008.

New additions (older new players)

Thomas Stuart-Dant (forward - 91) (Winnipeg boy that played last season NCAA Minot State, listed as 6’0, 180)
Looks like he played at Lake Superior State before that

Matt Krahn (goalie, and no relation to Brent - 91)
Met him last night, big broad shoulder kid)

Cody Brown (defense – 93)
Was in PG’s camp last season

Connor Sanvido (forward - 93)
Zach Walker (defense – 93)

New additions (older players not really with team last season)

Jacob Doty (forward – 93)
Frank Austin (defense – 93)
Dave Sutter (defense – 92)
Austin Baecker (defense – 92)

Marcel Noebels (shoulder)
Branden Troock (migraine headache)

Returnees that looked good
Colin Jacobs – constant hustle, nice goal, hitting people
Brenden Dillon – not afraid to rush the puck, got back to play defence, laid out a couple nice hits
Burke Gallimore – all over the ice, flying, worked hard, skated hard

Returnees that were ok
Chance Lund – hustled a lot, used size, found the net once, but all other shots were wide, just like last year
Charles Wells – had one good show of his speed, but that was about all
Brendan Rouse – good passing, and generally hustled and hit
Luke Lockhart – Showed some speed and a great shot. Passed well

Returnees I had to check my paper to see if they were on the ice
Mitch Elliot
Tyler Alos – huge, easy to find on the ice, but that was about it
Brennan Tutt
Brenden Silvester
Scott Ramsay
Tanner Muth
Ryan Aasman – had one rush that made me take note
Erik Bonsor
Erik Fleming


Anonymous said...

Minot State does not play NCAA hockey. They only have a club team (similar to UW). He did play previously in NCAA with Lake Superior State.

Anonymous said...

i didnt notice gallimore once, i have no idea what you saw there. Also didnt notice rouse, lockhart, or alos.

Thunnex said...

That's true because "I" wasn't there so "I" actually didn't notice anything.

I didn't really notice Gallimore much tonight though.

Anonymous said...

Who are the US players at the camp?

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