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Hockey Challenge 2014

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News Dump - ShoWare Video board edition

A few news items I thought were worthy.

- Kent City Counsil voted 6-0 to spend a cool 225k to build a video board that will sit outside of ShoWare Center. This is awesome news and should help the building promote the Thunderbirds and their other events.

- Spokane Chiefs announced yesterday that they will hold an outdoor game against Kootenay. I personally think the outdoor game concept is starting to get worn out but I still think this is pretty cool. Dave Trimmer has the story on the game.

- Portland is thinking about where they are going to play after the 2013 season and people are already speculating about the possibility of them moving to Victoria should a plan to improve the Memorial Coliseum fail. Let's all hope that doesn't happen.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see we are getting the sign. Good for the arena and good for the Birds.
Nice to have a site to come to for updates, thanks Tyler.


Anonymous said...

Tyler, why did Victoria loose the cougars in the first place? Do they now have a new arena to make the Hawks happy? Thanks

Thunnex said...

I have to be honest in saying that I simply don't remember. I was 13 at the time and I do rememeber attenting a game or two in Victoria when my hockey team played up on the island.

I know they now appear to be hungry for a team again in either Victoria or Nanaimo.

Losing the Winterhawks out of Portland would be horrible, so let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Anonymous said...

I know the Winterhawks spent a night in Wenatchee last season. Andy Kemper posted it on his blog. Could that be a possible destination if they relocate?

Shannon Hunnex said...

i could build them a nice sign board with a dozen or so lite brite's for a lot cheaper. the cube version goes for around $20.

Anonymous said...

The WHL w/o Portland would be disgraceful. Hopefully, the league would step in like they did with Tri-City...although it's a different situation with a building involved.

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