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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Adam Kambeitz to Seattle

Seattle gives up a 3rd round Bantam pick in 2014 to land 20 year old Adam Kambeitz. I think this is a good trade for Seattle. Kambeitz has been known in the past as being a hard working, tough player with good leadership qualities. Something this team seems to be sorely lacking right now.

My best guess is that this means the end of the line for Brendan Rouse. It could also be Luke Lockhart or Brandon Glover but my guess is that it will be Rouse.


Anonymous said...

a third round pick for a player who will play only thirty games seems like a very, very steep price to pay.....especially since the past few years our picks have been much closer to the top of the draft than the bottom..... i certainly cant see 2014 being any different

Anonymous said...

WTF What thinks Farwell? or We're tired Farwell. So we are basically giving up Rouse and a third round pick for a half season of this guy? Hoping this pays off. Didn't Rouse have good chemistry with his line mates and didn't he have the best plus minus on our team?

Anonymous said...

Rouse did have a solid +/- and that's the tough part of losing him. But under no circumstances should 'good chemistry' come into the conversation when speaking of this team. If you see the comments section of Tyler's 1/9 post, you'll see the recent stats of the forwards.. 8 guys wasting each other's time and the fan's time because they couldn't put anything together, and Rouse was a part of that. Something needed to be stirred up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Russ

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