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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle loses, Hockey Challenge Time

I think I would prefer to just pretend that last night's game didn't happen and keep continuing to feel great about the Portland game on Saturday... so I'm just going to pass on that game last night.

I will point out one very huge problem I have. The Tunein Radio App I use to dial into 1090 The Fan when I am at home... keeps going to commercials smack in the middle of the game. How this happens... I have no idea. And one fan on Twitter told me that the same thing happens on the 1090 The Fan internet stream as well. Clearly either someone at The Fan 1090 is either incompetent and doesn't understand why going to commercials during a live broadcast of a game is bad OR they simply don't give a shit about the Thunderbirds partnership and they're going to just run their commercials no matter what. It sucks and it has to stop.

Ok, rant over.

Back to more important things.

Hockey Challenge 2013 is exactly one month from today and it is time for me to start begging and pleading with my awesome readers to start donating to this great cause in the name of my team.

The banner above is a live link that sends you directly to the Ronald McDonald House donations page. Make sure you select "Hockey Challenge" in the program area and leave a comment saying this is for Team IEB - Tyler Hunnex.

I'm going to personally match donations on whatever you guys donate... so get those donations in early and often.


Dean said...

Good going again Tyler! I totally support this! We, my family stayed in the local McDonald house for several weeks while my youngest son underwent a liver transplant. This organization provided a cheap place for my wife and I to live while we were not gaining any income due to time spent with our young child. This organization doesn't turn anyone away. They provided a safe place to stay with no worries on where your next meal will come from.

We, the family, have always supported McDonald House and Seattle Childrens...worthy cause. Thanks for your work!

Thunnex said...

Dean, thanks. I love raising money for the Challenge and the RMH. It's probably the most self rewarding thing I do all year.

The people at the house are incredible and the entire weekend is hectic but a lot of fun.

My IEB team is filled with fundraising monsters and we should have a very good shot at being the highest fundraising team again this year. Fingers crossed. Thanks again.

Dean said...

Donation sent...worthy, worthy cause! For those reading...this is really a worthy cause. Tyler and his crew is paying forward. McDonald House is a home away from home for people that have children in the local Children's hospital or recently released, as in our case. We, being from Lacey, had daily, then eventually twice weekly appointments with my son's doctors after his liver transplant, at six months old. To far to travel everyday so McDonald house provided us a place to stay until the appointments were later weekly. We were the lucky ones...we had neighbors in the house that stayed with us from Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. Worthy, worthy cause...these people in need have no place to stay and or no needs to pay for hotel. McDonald House provides a place to stay where the care of the children, in the hospital, is the first priority. Donate now!

Anonymous said...

The rant against 1090 is valid...not even professional but yet they have this teams contract for broadcasts. Another reason to dislike Russ...poor contract with radio.'s hard to search for the Thunderbird games when the channel is different for each game. How do you get fan support when they can't find the game on the radio?

Anonymous said...

Shea Theodore -6 last night... Another healthy scratch for him seems likely.

Anonymous said...

The minus 6 is sad, but the ZERO goals really drives me nuts! Russ needs to invest in a defibrillator, this team has no heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

We have one line showing life really which when they are on are solid. The other's I think are just out skilled really, until we get more skilled forwards we have to outwork teams which just isn't happening.... As for Theodore I don't know what it is, for all the hype he is getting there just seems to be no effort on defense. When the play is being pushed up ice on a scoring chance he doesn't hesitate to jump in and take a chance. But on defense he just doesn't play physical and backs himself up so much that opponents get quality shots. I would chalk this up to experience, but we did only give up 28 shots and had a solid defensive effort against Portland on Saturday with him scratched. Hopefully he turns it around soon -6 cannot happen again.

Unknown said...

For the second straight game they pulled Glover, I didn't listen to the whole game, but I was listening when they pulled Glover and and Thom said it had nothing to do with how Glover was playing and that he wasn't getting much support. My question is, if the T-birds aren't playing good defense in front of the goalie, wouldn't it be better to have the 20 year old who understands and would be better equipped to cope with it be in goal than replacing him with a 16 year old who might have a future with the team?

I want to see the younger goalies play so the T-birds know what they have instead of being unsure like they were this year. But I think you also have to get them in on the right situations. Bringing a youngster in when the opposing team has supreme confidence doesn't seem like a good development move.

Anonymous said...

Outscored 18-2 in last three road contests....oooppppssss

Anonymous said...

Wow 8-0, Coach K has this team playing uninspired hockey, especially on the road, time to start sitting more of Russ's dead weight!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, as I stated at the beginning of the season, the problem starts with the (young) defense. Farwell should have picked up a 20 year old defenseman, not a forward, at the trade deadline. Theodore and Hauf have not improved from last season and are both overrated.

Anonymous said...

There are no real consequences for playing poorly. What, I'm a healthy scratch?, cool more time to party!
What, are you going to cut their pay? Send them to the minors?
Farwell won't even change the "C". Farwell needs to remind these players that they are really professionals, with fans paying up to $40 for watching them perform. (or in Seattle's case not perform). I feel sorry for the players that "show up", like Swenson and Hickman.

Anonymous said...

I think Hauf has improved quite a bit from last year. He still makes mistakes, but his positioning is better and he has shown the ability to do a good job of stripping pucks from people. He needs to use his size more and play physically and he needs to avoid stretches where he reaches instead of moving his feet and where he makes stupid passes. Last year I thought picking Hauf as high as they did in the draft was absolutely idiotic. This year I think it was unnecessary to use a first round pick - they could have gotten him later, but he appears to be developing into a pretty good defensemen.
Theodore has been horrible over the last month and I think they probably should sit him for a few more games.
I also don't understand some coaching decisions. By the third period last night, Seattle was out of the game. I would rather have seen Wolf, Holub, Green, and all the other least experienced T-Birds get the bulk of the ice time rather than more time in a losing cause for Lockhart, Kambeitz, etc.

Anonymous said...

I agree, let the young players play. What difference does it make if this team makes the playoffs? Just a few more bucks for Farwell. I guarantee he won't see a dime from me. Two more easy wins this week, for Victoria.

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