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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Trade Deadline Day

It's trade deadline day and the deadline is 2pm local time. Seattle dropped another game last night in Spokane by the score of 4-1.

I have a hard time thinking that any other teams are actually going to want our players right now but SOMETHING has to be done by Russ.

Please get me some players who actually give a shit about winning and actually care about working hard and aren't content to just go through the motions on a nightly basis.  Not every player is afflicted with this disease but a lot of the team is and it's time to start finding some players who want to bring it on a nightly basis.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they can move Lockart if they package him with a 1st round bantam selection? Absolutely no way do I want to wake up tomorrow morning and see #20 listed on the roster.

Anonymous said...

who in their right mind would want lockhart? If he were to be traded and stick on a roster for remainder of the year I might be able to show you a franchise that views talent worse that the TBIRDS do. There is very little that appeals to other teams on this current roster. Maybe of couple of the listed players could be moved but that will bring you very little in exchange. Certainly nothing that will help you for this long lost season. Wait until next year.....NOT

Anonymous said...

This organization is in a spiral downwards toilet bowl the last 4 years. How do you go from winning 4 straight to losing 12 straight? I just don't get it? Oh well, Trook bobble head night this Saturday, lets all go and yell the hey song, Royals suck when we are the ones who suck!

Anonymous said...

Seattle desperately needs a skilled '95 forward. Hmmmmm i see the obvious choice would be Alex Forsberg but Im nervous about that acquisition. Seattle is having some SERIOUS issues right now and i dont know if bringing in a 17 year old kid that demanded a trade and stayed home at xmas is someone Seattle needs(i am still predicting a Forsberg for Green and a 1st and possibly another mid round pick).... this will be an interesting deadline and Russ has got to do something. WAAAAAAAY too many 17 year old dmen on the roster. Got to make room and start giving Wolf some playing time

Anonymous said...

Wolf is terrible. He's not on the roster next year assuming Bear makes the team.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can trade all of them and get a good deal maybe a few buy one get one free Tim Hortons coupons. At least the coffee will keep me awake for 3 hours.

Anonymous said...

Seattle must believe that everyone should get a trophy---Memorial Cup (like little league) just for showing up.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm still nothin released regarding any trades... gotta be kidding me if Seattle does nothing

Kodi said...

Moose Jaw Warriors trade 18 year old forward Andrew Johnson to Seattle for a 4th round draft pick

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