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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tbirds WIN!!! The Streak is Dead!!

I just wanted to throw up another thread for people to comment.  The streak is dead. What a game by Seattle. I sure wish they could figure out how to bring it like that night in and night out.


Anonymous said...

I officially eat my words from the last thread. It took everything we had but no better team to end it with

Anonymous said...

I won't eat my words by congrats to the Thunderbirds for FINALLY winning a game....and Winterhawks to boot! Congrats...two more and we have a winning streak!

Anonymous said...

I have been fairly harsh on the organization during the loosing streak. I must say congrats to the victors. To hang it on Portland is all the sweeter.

Now let's see if they can build on it. Tonight's game is certainly one that the TBIRDS should be able to win.

Now for the reality. Chalking up 4 of a possible 32 points in their last 16 games is completely UNACCEPTABLE.

If the franchise is doing their job they will start working on next DEC and JAN today. This "Holiday Issue" just can't keep rearing its ugly anymore.

Anonymous said...

When the TBirds have a loss everyone on here comments on how bad the team is, how bad the players are, get rid of Russ, fire coach K.
They did end a long loosing streak, but oh boy how they ended it!!!
Coach K sat out one of their top D-Man to prove a point that everyone on this team no matter how good they are or how good they think they are better buy in and play with some pride. Point taken!!
They end up winning a game against one of the best teams in the CHL. Great job coach K, great job TBirds players.

Anonymous said...

Well they should be able to end this season playing some good hockey IF they can get that effort every night. Big IF. Beating Lethbridge tonight will tell me more about the team then one win over Portland. Need to be consistent with their play from game to game. And kudos to coach K for benching the turnover prone Theodore. Hopefully Shea realizes he needs to play smarter.

Anonymous said...

Good job Birds! Hope Troock's injury isn't serious.

Anonymous said...

Is it a coincidence that the Birds started playing better as soon as Connor Honey came back? I knew they missed him out there but did they miss him that much?

Jerret Smith was great this weekend. His play to set up Johnson was beautiful.

I hope Troock isn't hurt to bad, that kid can't catch a break.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting how after a loss these thread have 20+ comments, after two wins, tumble weeds

Anonymous said...

ummmm....what do you mean? Are we suppose to be doing cart wheels or something? The reality is 6 out of potential 34 points since Dec 7 is really nothing to get excited about. In fact, it is really quite sad.

Now if they can take two of the next three (or better), I might admit that a corner has been turned

Anonymous said...

11:03 Anon- You missed the point, 'Really quite Sad' that someone only will comment when they/you have something negative to say.

Mr Tell13 said...

@anon 10:50
I do notice the same thing. I guess people just need things to complain about.

Look at anon 11:03 who won't be happy if they do not win 2 out of the 3 next games. They play tri cities and Kelowna away and the Kelowna in Kent. so a "corner" is not turned unless they get 4 pts out of 6 against a team that are playing for .600 and .755?!?

Here is something positive to think of, since a few fans have a hard time with finding good stuff about this team.
-Forecheck is REALLY coming along nicely. The new additions are setting the tone and it seemed to have help a few guys along (Swenson in particular)
-The defence is not great but as a team they allow far less shots than in previous years (i think they allowed the dreaded 50 only twice during the losing streak) they seems to allow generally around 35, not great but much better.
-Winning without your #1 prospect. Helps get the message that everone counts.

Unknown said...

I thought the team played pretty good on Saturday and Sunday. It is nice to see them getting some pucks in the net. I'm happy the weekend didn't turn out the way I thought it would after watching Friday's game.

There isn't anything the team or us fans can do about the 15 game winless streak except move on, the team either didn't play well to get a deserving loss or couldn't get the bounces when they played well to get the puck in the net for 15 games in a row, it's in the past and they just played two good games against the top team in the league and an above .500 team. I hope the team has turned a corner and finishes the season strong.

Anonymous said...

The biggest change Friday into Saturday was the defense. Smith was very solid and compared to Friday wardley and hauf bounced back huge, after horrible nights. We need more of that and less of one player trying to over handle the puck playing lazy defense.

Anonymous said...

Lethbridge was playing its third game in as many nights and dressed only 16 skaters. It was missing six regulars. D Albin Blomqvist, D Dan Johnston, F Reid Duke, F Josh Derko and F Russell Maxwell all are hurt, while D Joel Topping was writing exams. The above is from Taking Note blog by Greg Drinnan.

I am 1103 sorry it hard to get excited about the win last nite.

A good team would have been able to put the Canes away before the shootout session IMHO.

Yes I do expect to be able to compete with TRI and Kelowna. BTW TRI is playing with their backup tender for the remainder of the season. Unfortunately, the organzation seems to feel MUCH different. It has been many, many years since we have been able to compete with the upper echelon franchises.

Maybe that is why the record for the past several years has been well below .500.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people who keep complaining about how bad they are keep going to games? Why keep watching if you're so disappointed?

We say we want them to bounce back and move on from stuff like a 15-game losing streak, but the same people keep going back and lamenting about how bad it was. Move on.

Anonymous said...

keep watching for the love of the sport and in hopes that the franchise can turn it around one of these years.

Anonymous said...

I admit, I bitch and complain on here, no question, but that is because I just want this franchise and team to win and do great. I want that logo and name on the sweater to mean something . Kudos to the team for winning the last two games and breaking the 15 game streak and starting one in the positive direction, great job gents and hope for two road wins this week.

Mr Tell13 said...

-Compete and get 4pts out of 6 are 2 very different things. They could very well compete and lose all 3 games by 1 goal in regulation.

-Leth is a team that has ups and down, kind of like the tbirds. They can be blown out by medhat (another .500 team) but then beat Portland in a SO. I don't think you can really say that a good team should put them away easely. (ask Portland)

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I would've liked to have seen us carry the 5-3 lead to the end of the game, but it feels like Trook's injury, or maybe just the toll of three games in three nights (including all the emotion of Saturday night) just kinda took it out of them a bit in the third. Now, that said, they got the win. I still think this team needs to improve in a big way, and I'm not sure that I'll ever be confident in this organization as long as Farwell is calling the shots, but I do this what we saw Saturday night is closer to what this team is than what we saw in the fifteen game streak.

Like one other poster said too, I want the name to mean something. I've been following this team for four years, and in that time most of what I've seen from other fans online about us tends towards either contempt or indifference. At this point (and I feel this way about the Seahawks too) I'd almost rather have them hate us, and at least be forced to acknowledge our existance and maybe even our talent too, than to have them ignore us. Snapping the streak, showing some grit, and getting into the playoffs will help with that too.

Dean said...

I agree with one of the anon...I want the team to do great. I proudly wear T-bird sweatshirt and hat everywhere regardless how much I bitch and complain about the team. The T-birds are my team and I am proud of the last two games. The last two games proves that 15 game streak was worthless because this team does have some heart and can win games. I want, demand, the team to win more this year. We are fans for a reason...we are rooting for them to win every game.

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