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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Couple notes

Friday nights game
Just a reminder that the game in on Root Sports (channel 30 or 627 on Comcast).  So if you are not going to Everett, you can watch.  You never know, you might see me in the corner of your TV.

Better yet, Gator's Sports Bar in Kent ( will be hosting a viewing party.  I know a few diehard fans will be there.

And if you are going to Everett for the game, come over to the broadcast booth and wave.  If I am not busy (yeah right), I will come say hi.

All day Saturday
Saturday is the yearly McDonalds House Hockey Challenge.  The Ronald McDonald House is a charity that I believe in greatly.  I have donated my time for this event every year (since it started I think).  Each year, I have brought friends in to help out, and they have all fell in love with it also.  There is hockey all day long, and I run the clock and scoreboard for all of it.  It is a long day, but a great cause.

Tyler plays in the event each year, and collects donations so he can try to be the top fund raiser.  We would love if you have not donated any money in his name, please do so,  Even $5 helps.  You can click on the graphic above to help out.

After the TBird game against Kamloops, there is the challenge all-star game with several former Thunderbirds.  This is always a really fun game. This year there are some new players that have not played before, including former NHL players Brendan Witt and Chris Wells.  Stick around and watch the fun.


Anonymous said...

The Thunderchickens will go down to the Hawks again, and again, until if they are lucky enough to make it that far in the playoffs, go down again, and again, again, and then once more. Hawks rule. You know it, I know it...everybody knows it.

Thunnex said...

Yay! The trolls are back.

As usual... thanks for reading!

Anonymous said... that logic, the Cheaterhawks will get to the Memorial Cup, only to go down again when it most counts. :) You know it, I know it...everybody knows it.

Anonymous said...

Guess the after Christmas swoon came a little late this year. Can't beat a last place team playing a back-up goalie? With all the games left against Portland they'll be very lucky to hold on to 4th.
Zebras a joke as usual. Blatant hook, high stick behind the net in ot and he was looking right at it. Not why they lost, though.

Anonymous said...

Dropping three straight, including one in OT and one on the road versus a desperate rival does not make a swoon...

Unknown said...

I'm ok with the T-birds staying in 4th or 5th, but I'd really like them to have the home ice advantage for the first time in a while. They would hook up with Spokane in the first round, who they have treated like a redheaded step child, and then probably Kelowna for the second round who they usually play pretty good against.

Luckily they don't have anymore games against the true dregs of the conference, they seem to look at their opponents record when deciding how hard to play on a given night. Is there any word on Honey? He would be really nice to get back in the last couple weeks of the season to get primed for the playoffs. I've heard it will be a bit more time still for Eansor, the team can really use his energy night in and night out.

Anonymous said...

Look out Spokane is now 2 points behind. They blow out Kamloops and we loose to them.

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