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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Hockey Challenge wrap up

Saturday was the hockey challenge.

Tyler played, I ran the score clock and penalty box.  I can tell you that I had a great time all day, and I am sure Tyler did also.

Overall, the event raised around $190k for the charity.  Let me type that again.  One hundred ninety thousand dollars.  All for one day of hockey by a bunch of people that just love playing.

Tyler only raised $1400 of his $2000 goal.  Guess that means he will have to personally kick in $600 (ha, ha). (Editor comment: Actually Jon I got to $1850... so I guess you'll have to kick in the last $150!)  A HUGE thank you for everyone that participated, watched as a fan, or only donated.

The all star game was a ton of fun to watch.  Seeing and talking to old time former Tbirds was great.  I know a lot of them had a great time hanging out and catching up with each other.  And on the ice, the battles were there for sure.  Lots of friendly slashes between former teammates.

One quick story to tell.  Each year, I have been able to convince friends to volunteer to help us with things.  Each year, everyone one of them talks about how great of time they have, and how excited they are for next year.  This year, the friend I brought in I have known for close to 18 years now.  The really cool thing for me is that he turned 21 years old last summer.  The way we met was that his father had season tickets in the old Key Arena, and their seats were right behind us.  This friend and his younger brother used to kick my seats every game.  It is so cool to me to see someone grow up watching hockey, playing it, and now has season tickets of his own.

One other quick story on the day.  During the all star game, a bunch of Kamloops Blazers came out behind the goal and were watching.  They were in shock of some of the players, and one in particular.  They wanted to know who this #3 was for red.  When told it was 15 year NHL veteran Brendan Witt, they replied "Who?".  Gee, thanks guys for making someone that watched him play in the WHL really old.

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Anonymous said...

Jon 3 big games all at home this week and Spokane 2 points behind. What are your thoughts this week ?

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