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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Wardly a bad bad boy, and Seattle checkbooks out

That was Wardly's 3rd Game Misconduct of the season last night.  If I recall correctly, the 3rd is a 1 game suspension for accumulations of game misconducts.  The next one would be a two game suspension, etc, etc.

Also, I am assuming the league will consider that a multiple fight situation, resulting in a $500 (EDIT: Since this was Seattle's 2nd multiple fight situation they received a fine of $750) check being written by the team to the league discipline bank account.  Anyone know where that money ends up???????  I got an idea, how about taking it all and coming up with a league wide promotion for fans in the United States.


Unknown said...

Very entertaining game last night, but I was disappointed in the crowd size. I would think the Kent/Auburn/Renton area could fill a 6k arena for a pretty good hockey team on a nightly basis. Heck, I come from Bothell/Canyon Park to watch my team play.

Unknown said...

With the Winterhawks winning their 17 th game in a row or something like that, and are only a handful of points from the #1 Kelowna. However the W-Hawks lost 4 games in a row during the World Junior was going on including 2 games with the Rockets. The Hawks were missing 6 players because of Lipstick suspension while the Rockets were full strength. So when Kelowna has home ice they should be thanking the WHL office for the schedule.... Can the T-birds play Spokane and Everett the rest of the season too??? Get a thought!

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

He played tonight so obviously was not suspended

Anonymous said...

Marc, it was Valentines Day. Not really most women's idea of a romantic evening. Especially when you have refs like that. The game sure turned ugly.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon 6:17am but also agree with Marc on a broader outlook on the crowd sizes this year. The Sho only holds 6,000 so why isn't it sold out more especially for Fri and Sat games?

Anonymous said...

Everett coach Constantine: "They've been a different team since he arrived," Constantine said of Kozun. "That's kind of turned their season around.
We may be a "different" team, but he needs to check the standings and see where we were BEFORE the trade. We were well above .500 and AHEAD of Everett in the standings. He makes it sound like we were struggling and out of the playoff picture. Kozun didn't "turn our season around" he's just helped push it even further forward. The only season that's been "turned around" is Everett's. 20 wins by December 1st, only 8 since. Both teams have had a lot of injuries but Seattle kept winning despite their injuries. Everett didn't.

Anonymous said...

Shocked at last nights's result, up 3-0 and PG came roaring back, kudos to PG for battling. I saw in coach K's press conf that he stated players were playing for themselves . Any idea who he is referring to and what situations would that be in the game? Or was speaking out of frustration?

Anonymous said...

I'd say any player with a minus beside their name on the scoresheet.

Unknown said...

I know women who love hockey and yes I understood it was Valentines Day. There are also adults who are single as well.

There are nearly 300K people in Kent, Auburn and Renton. I know the T-birds still have fans from Seattle and the Key Arena days (or Colosseum) and the arena was just over half full. I just wish they could get the publicity to get people to come out and watch a game.

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