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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Everett at Seattle, Game 1

Game 1 and Seattle should probably win this one since they will head to Everett tomorrow.

I sure hope I'm wrong...


Anonymous said...

Great game. Horrible second period. Good defensive play in the third. If we expect to win on the road we will need a better effort though.

Anonymous said...

Just askin'--- Why does Showare Center management allow those stupid cow bells in the building? Could hurt someone if someone decided to throw one.

Anonymous said...

That was the best defensive performance that we have seen in weeks and Kozun really shut the Tips down tonight. I don't think that the winner of this series can be out-shot that bad on a nightly basis, but a win is a win and the T-Birds have the advantage.

Anonymous said...

Never been a fan of the cowbell. They annoying and I normally have an idiot behind me that likes to ring them between their legs, thus right in my ears.

Unknown said...

I thought the team played good last night. As for the second period, they are probably going to get out shot when they start the period with at least one guy in the box for over 6 minutes, thanks to Ingram.

Kozun was great and I thought the team D was good as well. I think they need to improve on their scoring chances and get some of those even strength goals.

Cowbells are for lazy fans. I kind of understand it when you are a fan on the road, but I'm not really looking forward to hearing them all game long tonight.

Hopefully as Tyler would say the series starts tonight when the road team wins :)

SjFinAddict said...

Great win tonight. Both teams had some rough patches… ours coming in the second period. Glad the Birds pulled out ahead. Kozun played big.

Agree with the cowbell comments… not a fan. The attendance (4560) last night was not terrible, but still a bit embarrassing. Game 1 of the Playoffs, a much improved home team over previous years, against a rival, Saturday night… we can do better. It was loud, but not loud enough.

Hope the boys play tough tonight in Everett. Go Birds!

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