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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle at Everett - Game 4

I didn't have a chance to get my thoughts out on Game 4 for a variety of reasons so I'll just include some here in the Game 4 thread.

Seattle did a remarkable job of staying composed and coming back from being down 1-0, 2-1 and 3-2 to eventually tie the game on a goal by Scott Eansor before getting a trickling change-up GWG that was eventually credited to Justin Hickman.

What a fantastic game by Scott Eansor. This is a different team with him in the lineup.

Of course, we've been here and done this before. Seattle took the first 3 games of the series last year against Kelowna and eventually wound up losing Game 7 in overtime to the Rockets.  This doesn't quite feel the same though. Kelowna was a vastly superior team to Seattle and finally was able to show it over the course of the final four games of the series.

Everett and Seattle are awfully close as far as talent goes and I have to imagine the Tips are feeling pretty dejected after coughing up three leads in Game 3 and losing in Overtime. They have to especially be discouraged about the fact that they could have easily won each game in this series and yet find themselves in a 3-0 hole.

This is a dangerous game for Seattle based on what happened last year. Lose and you run the risk of bad thoughts creeping into the minds of the players who were here. However, most of the players weren't here last year and that may have no impact at all. I think you will see some push-back from Everett tonight but if they aren't able to build a lead of more than a goal and Seattle is able to gain the upper hand... it could be lights out for the Tips.

Seattle will be without Jaimen Yakubowski who was suspended for one game for his CFB double minor from Game 3. I'm not too upset by that ruling. It didn't look like Yak had any horrible intent but it was definitely a penalty and Noah Juulsen left the game and isn't expected to play tonight.


Anonymous said...

So that sucked.

Anonymous said...

It sure did! Hopefully the Tbirds team that played the first three games shows up tonight! I don't want to go to Everett on Monday. Blech

Unknown said...

Tonight now becomes really huge. T-Birds must win or face the reality of the 'Tips getting a chance to tie the series in their own house on Monday with all the momentum of the series going their way. If Everett pushes this thing to game 6, you almost have to like their chances in the series with a game 6 in their house and with all the momentum going into a game 7. Tonight is so huge for the T-Birds.

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