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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Everett at Seattle - Game 5

Well, I was a little bit afraid of that result. A better crowd in Everett, with their backs against the wall and the Tips played like their season was on the line. Seattle, did not.

Seattle's intensity from the start of the game was poor. I couldn't tell whether the first goal was deflected in but the shooter should have never been able to walk around the net off the wall and get a shot off in the way that he did. Then... they surrendered an awful shorthanded goal where nobody bothered to pick up a streaking Josh Winquist who was feed with a nice open ice pass from Manraj Hayer who promptly placed a snap shot over the shoulder of Taran Kozun and the game was effectively over. Sure, there was still more than 57 minutes left in the game but Seattle's margin of error isn't large enough to just punt away stretches of the game that badly and recover. You can't put all of the blame on Kozun but he certainly wasn't as sharp as he had been in the first 3 games of the series.  I would have to imagine he'll get things straightened out again tonight.

Oh well. All's well that ends well for Seattle IF they can finish off the Tips tonight at home. I don't normally think of myself as being a very negative guy but I have to admit that I couldn't help but think about the possibility of losing 4 straight games like they did last year. Hopefully, the team doesn't tighten with that thought and it energizes them for Game 5 tonight. With a very short period of time to sell tickets the crowd tonight is going to likely be fairly weak. A strong walk-up crown may improve the numbers slightly but this is going to be far from a full house.

Jaimen Yakubowski returns and hopefully that gets the lines back in order. Everett is a little more banged up and Seattle must get back to punishing them physically if they want to end this thing.


Anonymous said...

WOO! Bring on the Rockets!

Anonymous said...

What a game. Surprised at how few penalties there were tonight! Was cool to see Luke Lockhart and Brendan Rouse in ShoWare for the game tonight.

This team sure seems to have some chemistry.

Anonymous said...

Nice job boys!! Easnor's play and hustle reminds me of Blake Knox.

Anonymous said...

A feather in the cap for coach K to beat an experienced coach like Constantine. Talent won out in the end over bitching, moaning, and flopping.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Birds! Played a heck of a game last night!

Unknown said...

That is how you bounce back after hardly showing up the night before! Very entertaining game.

I think it will be a great series with Kelowna as each team got 5 out of 8 points against the other this year. Two very closed SO games and 2 where the teams dominated each other. I'm thinking this could be another 7 game multiple OT games series.

What is the deal with Everett's coaching staff not going through the line at the end of the series? Awful sportsmanship. Or were they already starting to work the refs over for next year?

Mr Tell13 said...

Great serie and supringly short.
Tbirds avoided injuries by finishing up quick(ish) and it should be interesting to see Kel match up with them this serie.

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