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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game 2 Thoughts

Seattle officially put Everett on notice with a 3-1 road win in Everett last night. A series doesn't truly get interesting until a team wins a road game and Seattle did just that.

I can't say that I envisioned this scenario playing out when I previewed the series last week but the Thunderbirds have executed their game plan to perfection. Get the lead if possible (Game 1 - check), don't let Everett gain a lead of more than 1 goal (Game 2 - check) get pucks deep and put pressure on their defenders (Games 1 and 2 - check) and get great goaltending (Games 1 and 2 - check check check PLUS).

Game 2 had the potential to get away from them after a questionably puck handling decision by Taran Kozun led to a 1-0 lead for the Tips. A 2 goal lead would have likely been difficult to come back from but Seattle was able to hold things down and get the equalizer in the 2nd period with a PP goal. A great feed from Adam Henry to Roberts Lipsbergs, who actually benefited by not one-timing the shot as Lotz over slid and Lipsbergs planted one in the upper corner.

The game remained tied into the 3rd when Lipsbergs and Zane Jones were taken off for Cross Checking and Embellishment. The 4 on 4 situation opened the game up considerably and Mathew Barzal took advantage of the extra space finding Branden Troock streaking to the net for the go-ahead and eventual game winning goal. I know I've said it a dozen times before but Troock is so much more effective when giving the puck up to others and using his size and strength to get to the net and his first career playoff goal was a perfect example of that.  Barzal really had another excellent game creating a number of chances with his puck control and vision.

Seconds later... the Tips scored the equalizer... and had it promptly taken away with an emphatic wave off by the officials. It happened at the other end of the ice, so I honestly couldn't tell you what happened but my assumption was that Kozun must have had control for a moment and the Referee had determined the puck was frozen before being poked in but that is only a guess.

A lot of fun sitting with a big group of Seattle fans for a road game. Thanks to all the "Suckers who read" for their awesome showing in enemy territory.

However, there were some rough moments to this game that were worth mentioning. Taran Kozun had the turnover that led to the goal in the first and needed an incredible scramble to rob Jujhar Khaira of an empty net.

Seattle can't honestly feel like this series is in the bag though as both games have been very close and the difference in the two teams is razor thin. With that in mind, Everett should absolutely feel like they could get back in this series with a break or two their way. They've dominated the shot column in both games and have to feel like it's only a matter of time before they break through against Kozun. Everett will have to win 4 of 5 games with only 2 of them at home to win the series but they've been anything but blown out through the first two.

Seattle got exactly what they came for. They lead the series 2-0 and get to have Game 3 at home for their 2 for Tuesday promotion.  I honestly don't care if 6000 or 600 people show up on Tuesday as long as the team picks up win #3.


MJS said...

Was sitting down at that end. Looked like Campbell was about to blow it dead (and might have, lots of excitement around me) and that's why he was so quick to wave it off. It was under Kozun long enough for the whistle so I thought it was the right call.

Erica said...

Ha, the only reason it was fun sitting in that big group was because we won! :) These next two games should be pretty interesting - I would expect that EVT is going to be coming out hard on Tues.

Mr Tell13 said...

Looking forward to tomorow to see if the tbirds can corner the tips in this serie.

I did not see the game in Evt but you could definatly see that the tbirds needed to dump and chase to get any kind of offense going. And they did that ok for the most part. Evt is playing very well to slow the most talented players on the tbird side . I recall a play where Lipsberg carried the puck in and the second in had 2 strides in the zone, 4 tips players were around him and he could not do anything.

As up and down as the 5 on 5 play was ....the PP and PK units are doing REALLY good though.

Hopefully they can win by a decent margin tomorow to kill any chance of momentum switch in this serie.

Unknown said...

I just watched the recap of last nights game. That might have been the shortest recap I've ever seen. Too bad they didn't have very good camera work on the first three goals :(

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