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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Follow up to Tyler's Prospects Breakdown

Tyler mentioned something in his post that I wanted to add a little knowledge to (or at least attempt to).

On Alan's website, if you count, you should come up with 48 or 49 player names.  Why is this not 50 names for 50 players.

From what I know, there are actually 4 lists that WHL teams use.

  • The active list - 50 slots available, used for all active roster players and prospects
  • The college list - number of slots available unconfirmed, used for players that were on the active list, but have committed to a college
  • The 20 year old list - this list is used after the season ends, and is where 19 year olds get moved to so that teams have free space on their active list for the draft.  Any 20 year olds playing on the team during the season must appear on the active list.
  • The suspended or long term injure list - I have heard of a list like this where you can put players that don't report to camp, leave the team, or otherwise are hurt. (obviously also unconfirmed)
The bottom 3 lists are used so that you can retain the rights to the players, without them actually playing for you.  For example, if you have devoted time and energy into recruiting a player, and they decide to go the college route, another team can not come in a list the player and have them come play.

The 20 year old list is interesting because teams will leave players that are playing in the NHL or it's farm team, just in case they get assigned back to the WHL team.

With the college list, I like the idea that a player has to be on the active list for a certain period of time before they can be moved to the college list.  Otherwise teams would just list every college player out there in case they could get one.

So based on Alan's list, and our roster to end the season, I think this is how it looks

50 man list

Vaughan Ahrens
Trevor Ayre
Colin Baird
Florian Baltram
Hunter Bancroft
Mathew Barzal
Ethan Bear
Wyatt Bear
Ian Briscoe
Latrell Charleson
Ashton Clark
Cam Coutre
Scott Eansor
Kaden Elder
Dante Fabbro
Logan Flodell
Ryan Gilchrist
Tyler Graber
Caleb Griffin
Ryan Gropp
Reece Harsch
Jared Hauf
Nick Holowko
Spencer Hunter
Sahvan Khaira
Keegan Kolesar
Luke LaMaster
Jason Mailhiot
Nick Mantai
Danny Mumaugh
Donovan Neuls
Luke Ormsby
Luke Osterman
Lane Pederson
Reg Pohl
Michael Sauer
Brandon Schuldhaus
Baker Shore
Jerret Smith
Calvin Spencer
Shea Theodore
Colton Thomas
Alexander True
Jarret Tyszka
Nolan Volcan
Matthew Wedman
MacKenzie Wight
Jagger Williamson
Kevin Wolf

20 year old list

Alexander Delnov
Adam Henry
Justin Hickman
Connor Honey
Taran Kozun
Roberts Lipsbergs
Russell Maxwell
Sam McKechnie
Gavin Stoick
Branden Troock
Evan Wardley
Jaimen Yakubowski

College list

Brock Boeser
Michael Brodzinski (He may be on the 50 still, since he was listed this last spring)
Evan Cowley
Ryan Edquist
Dylan Gambrell
Shane Gersich
Alexander Kerfoot
Matt Kiersted
Avery Peterson
Andrew Taverner
Justin Woods

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