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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Veterans and older players practice

After the morning skate Friday, the older players that will join camp on Saturday got to visit the ice for a little workout.  And by little workout, I mean true training camp.  There were 6 stations set up, and the players were divided up into 3 or 4 players per group.

The really cool thing for me is that the drills they were doing, all but one of the stations work for any age group of players.  And even the one that worked on skating could easily be adapted to work down to the youngest of beginners.

I have embedded YouTube videos's of each station for your viewing pleasure.

Take a pass, bring puck to forehand, let shot go,
then swing around and do the same on your backhand.

Skate up to each little raised crossbar (for no better term),
 and bring puck between it, then skate to next one.

For the forward, catch a pass in tight and get a shot off.  
For the goalie,. track puck from corner of net and prepare for close in shot.

For the forward, practice in close contact with the coach, and drive the net hard and get a shot off.  
For the goalie, stop the shot.
They also practiced rebounds from sharp angles for the goalies.

This had to be the most difficult and tiring stations.
Skate around your stick and pick up and put down gloves

This is more just brutal skating practice.

Lastly, shoot as hard as you can.  
Seemed like the FUN station for the players.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video Jon. Looks like it was shot on a powerful windows phone. Not quite as good as being there, but close.

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