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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Players report in one week (Happy happy, joy joy)

Or less depending on when you are reading this.  August 20th is approaching fast.

But for me, the 21st can't get here soon enough.  As Some of you my remember from last season, the first day of training camp is one of my top days of the year.  It is a day I mark on my calendar and look forward to for a couple months.  It is a day I take off from work to go see friends, players, parents, fellow fans, but most of all, the future.

From the training camp schedule, I should be at both sessions on the 21st, the afternoon session on the 22nd.  The 23rd, that one becomes difficult because it is my oldest son's birthdays.  Usually I find a way of attending the scrimmages, and then taking him out to the family fun center in Kent for lots of arcade game playing.  I will probably only attend one of the scrimmages on the 24th. And Monday the 25th, I will be there for sure.

This season, since one of my best friends son was drafted by the Silvertips, I am going to try and attend one of their scrimmages, so I can watch a kid I held as a baby try out.  So that may effect my schedule somewhat.

Since everyone knows I love to talk and talk and talk about this stuff, please leave in the comments section anything you would like me to talk about.


Anonymous said...

Yakko traded to Moose Jaw for a third round pick in 2016. Not sure how to feel about this.

Thunnex said...

I personally think it was going to be tough for him to make the team and a 3rd round bantam pick is pretty good return for a 20 y/o.

Anonymous said...

Based on past trades, a 3rd round pick is near the high end of value received in a trade such as this. Hard to be upset about that. I believe it is the same thing they got when they traded Forsberg last year.

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