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Why we should have seen this trade coming

Here is a list of trades the last three seasons Russ has made in the first two weeks of August.
So why change anything.  Add one more to the list of early August moves.

08/15/13 Taylor Green to Brandon for a 5th Rnd '14 cond
08/01/13 Connor Sanvido and Andrew Johnson to Swift Current for a 4th Rnd '14  

08/03/12 Colin Jacobs to Prince Geroge for Jesse Forsberg, a 5th Rnd '13, and a 7th Rnd '13
08/29/12 Chance Lund to Swift Current for a 6th Rnd '13

08/11/11 Kyle Verdino from Swift Current for a 5th Rnd '13 (cond.)

Perhaps a coincidence but it seems as though Russ likes to make his 20 y/o deals in the month of August.


Jon said...

Here is something I want to point out about this trade.

Last season, we aquired
Sam Mckechnie and Jaimen Yakubowski
Carter Folk, Riley Sheen, and a 3rd Rnd '15

So, now we trade Yak for a 3rd in 15th. So that now makes the trade last season Mckechnie for Folk and Sheen, and we also got Yak for 47 games. Looking at it that way makes both trades even better.

Anonymous said...

Unless McKechnie doesn't make the team this year. Wait and see.

Jon said...

Very very good point on if he makes the team.

Sean said...

Re: Mckechnie and Yakubowski trade last season
mac & Yak combined stats.
games-124 goals-17 asts-20 tot-37 pts
Sheen games 61 goals-19 asts-30
Folk games 50 goals-5 asts-4 total pts-9
You call it " a good trade"?

Thunnex said...

Do you really... really believe... that comparing the raw numbers, without context is a good way of evaluating a trade?

If you actually believe that, I'll just accept it.

I'm thinking the more likely scenario is that you're just trolling. And if that is the case, why not just state what your actual agenda is? It's a much higher form of commenting.

Sean said...

Numbers are not all you consider in a trade but if one player has 12 more points in 61games than tow players in 124 games you have to take that into consideration. Don't you think?

Thunnex said...


But, wouldn't you also consider...

- The quality of the teams they played for.
- The quality of their competition.
- The quality of their linemates.
- The minutes they played.
- How much PP time did they get?

Points are great. But points aren't everything.

Anonymous said...

Yak and Mac were cast in a different role in Seattle. They were part of a pretty good checking line with Eansor and I think they both accepted the roles they were given and did a great job. No way Sheen and Folk would have been as effective. I liked Sheen and was sad to see him go but there is no doubt in my mind we upgraded the team with that transaction.

Anonymous said...

And remember Carter Folk was a rookie last year. He is a hard nosed player that hits a ton and still has three years of junior hockey remaining .

Anonymous said...

When the trade was made I do believe the T-birds were hoping to get some of the 50 goal scoring combo that Yakubowski and McKechnie were the previous season in Lethbridge. So in that regard the trade probably didn't work out as anticipated. But, when they were teamed on a checking line with Eansor it meant Seattle could match their 3rd line against opponents top lines and shut them down, while Seattle's top two scoring lines (Gropp-Barzal-Hickman and Lipsbergs-Delnov-Troock)could do their damage against an opponents lesser lines. So, I still think the trade had the affect of increasing the offensive production. Sheen would not have had the offensive numbers in Seattle that he had in Lethbridge because he would have been getting 3rd or 4th line minutes with the T-birds. In Lethbridge he was on their top line. Folk wouldn't have even been getting any ice time in Seattle.

Erica said...

I'm just happy to see all the hockey talk heating up again. It's like Christmas only better!!!!

Anonymous said...

anytime you can get anything in return for a 20 year old that the Tbirds obviously had no plan on keeping, its a great deal... and the fact that its a 3rd round pick is very impressive. Good job Russ

Unknown said...

Personally I think this was a good trade.

As I'm sure those of you have check her frequently know, I have made a number of comments in regards to the 20 year old situation on other posts (some I still stand by, others looking back might have been slightly ill informed... but that happens to us all).

One of my previous comments I will stand by however(and I think this trade highlights it even more) is that while Russ still has a number of 20's to pick from (and it could technically be any combination), I believe he has already made up his mind on who he really wants.

While I think we all agree that Hickman will be one of them if he is able to return (which at this point looks more promising), the other two slots are the real question marks for the rest of us.

While I personally have stated multiple times that I don't think Kozun and/or Honey will be one (or both) of those players, this is still up for a matter of debate and only Russ (and probably Steve) knows. Honestly for all I really know, the three could end up being Hickman, Kozun, and Honey (as I was talking to Jon yesterday and he did make a good point in regards to Honey).

But still, obviously Russ already has his plan A and plan B (and possibly even a plan c) in mind and Yaks wasn't involved in any of those... And any of us would be crazy not to jump on board a trade that involves getting a 3rd round pick for a 20 who you're not planning on keeping anyways.

Anonymous said...

Does this trade raise Wardley's stock in any way? Possibly. I think the importance of the enforcer in this league is diminishing, but the importance of having mean, hard hitters is not. Don't forget how huge it was for Seattle in round one last spring to be the bigger, tougher team against Everett.

Going into the off season Wardley was the one guy I had written off as a possible returning 20, but if we look at this the way Farewell tends to, Henry still has decent trade value, Wardley may not due to his suspensions and occasional dumb play.

But it seems difficult to imagine that the D corps this season will consist of Theo, Hauf, Smith, Wolf, Bear, Khaira and an as yet unknown rookie. Either Henry or Wardley most likely make the team, and Of those two, Henry is the one with greatest trade value. Plus Henry is smaller and Wardley, if on the team, would become the natural enforcer, a role this team seldom ignores.

Having said that, I am not actually leaning one way or the other with Wardley. I think Kozun is the only 20 that definitely should be traded assuming there is a willing buyer. And on that topic I say trade him not because he is sub-par, but because he should be in demand, and because unlike so many others I really believe Danny Mumaugh is ready for a big year. I just love that kids great attitude and his competitiveness.

Anonymous said...

According to Thom's blog Connor Honey is healthy and ready for camp. Will be interesting to see what happens with the 20's.

Wardley, Hickman, Honey? I'd be ok with that.

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