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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Bakken Reassigned

D-man Brad Bakken was reassigned to the Langley Cheifs of the BCHL this morning.

This might signal the end of his career as a Thunderbird. Bakken was a slight surprise for a roster spot as a 17 year old last year and management clearly felt he hadn't shown enough progress as an 18 year old to merit keeping a roster spot.

I suspect this is a sign that Sena Acolatse is back in the good graces of the coaching staff (for what reason he was not is unknown) and Bakken merely became the odd man out.

This also likely signals more ice time and a high level of confidence in young Defensemen Steve Chaffin and Brenden Dillon.

With Jeremy Schappert out until possibly January with his second shoulder surgery, the Tbirds now have only 6 healthy defensemen. I have a feeling the Tbirds aren't quite done tinkering with the roster yet...

Official press release can be found here...

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